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  1. Hgtv

    Do you ever get tired just by watching those dudes work? What a mess to deal with all the time.

    Anybody here ever put their ideas into action? I've redone my entire house - well, in my mind anyway.

    Well, I better sign off and go to Home Depot.:israel:
  2. I should have christmas cards coming form Lowes and Home Depot as much money as I spent this year. As far as those guys on the home and garden network they are making plenty of money doing that so I cannot feel sorry for them.
  3. Ha!
    I think we OWN it now!

  4. 1992 - acted as our own General Contractor based upon details in their website and got the $53,000 remodel done 3 days early and $740.00 under budget.

    HGTV has good info and good learning resources. :)
  5. We saved about $40,000 doing most of ours with blood, sweat and tears- LOL!
  6. My wife and I used to watch trading Spaces on HGTV I think and we got the bright idea to do a total make over of my Mothers house for her birthday and Christmas present one year it was such hard work but so rewarding.:D:D:D:D:dance:

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