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  1. Hey all! I'm Katie. A confessing Christian, and happy to be here.

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  2. Welcome Katie.. Glad to have you here.. Hope your experience is going to be very pleasant!
  3. A warm welcome; it's great to have you here.
    May God bless you. :)
  4. Hey Katie Sharon here. Welcome to the site. Ive been a believer 14 years now married with 2 young children. Look forward to fellowshipping x
  5. Hello! Hope you enjoy the forums! It's a great place over here. :LOL:
  6. Welcome Katie! Beautiful avitar. Blessings!
  7. Welcome Katie to the family.
    You will find this to be a very special place full of Love for the Father and a very safe friendly place to fellowship and enjoy.
    Have a great day !

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