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  1. Hey

    i'm new here.

    My name's Heather and i was Christened on the 25th August 1996 (i think) and was Confirmed on the 15 December 2002 [​IMG]

    Sadly since the age of 12 (i'm 15 now) i had a lapse of faith and became pagan. but a few days before christmas, My Dog was hit by a car and killed [​IMG] This terrible incident brought me back to my senses and back to Our Father in Heaven [​IMG] [​IMG] xxxxxxxxx
  2. Welcome


    Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear about your dog but I thank God that out of the tragedy you have found your way back to Him.

    I am sure you will soon feel at home on the forum but if you have any questions please ask. we are a friendly bunch.

    We advise all new members to take a moment to read our Survival Tips for New Members thread.

    You will find it here:

    By the way I love Scotland and have spent a lot of time there.
  3. Welcome to the forum, [​IMG]AngelTears! I'm sure you will make lots of friends here! One thing about it, most of us, (if not all) have fallen by the wayside, at least once! Some (like me[​IMG]) more than twice! ha! But God is good to forgive and to restore us back to Him, [​IMG]hallelujah!!
  4. Hi At and welcome! Jesus specializes in putting our lives back togeather when we are tired of trying to fix them.
  5. Welcome AngelTears! My heart goes out to you with loss of your 4 legged friend and family member. Could you share his or her name with us?

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