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  1. hey

    MMM from Italy 23 years old. Hi to everybody
    I am very happy to meet you~

  3. Hi MMM and a warm welcome to the forum.
    You have an interesting username.
  4. Hello MMM. I'm also new. Not so new anymore! Very welcome to you! How is things there in Italy? :)
  5. Hey there and welcome to the forum MMM.

    What does MMM stand for if anything ?

    My Merciful Messiah ? lol
  6. Hello MMM. Welcome to CFS. :D
  7. Hey
    MMM stands for Matteo: my name, and Marilyn Manson the singer who`s music i like. So i chose MMM. But please dont chuck me out of this forum because of that:)
    Thanx for the warm welcomes u gave me!
    Things in Italy are doing quite well. Its summer now and its hot. The politicians in this country are fighting each other all the time instead of working for the welfare of the people. And people are unhappy most of the time except when theyr soccer team is winning:)..
  8. hello

    nice to meet u
  9. Hello, MMM!
    It's nice you are here!

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