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  1. Hey

    Hey guys, I got home recently from a deployment in Kosovo (a crucial part in the fight against terrorism - not). Since the state of California's economy is worse the the national average of suckage, could you guys please pray that I get the car that I'll looking into getting. It's a used '69 Mustang. I need this car to go out of my small town and look for jobs in the bigger town an hour from here. Thankies.
  2. Welcome to CFS..enjoy your time here.
  3. Welcome to CFS! Its a pleasure to have you with us...I hope you will be blessed here as well as be a blessing.

    I will be praying for a car for you and a job as the Lord provides..in Jesus name!

  4. Hey welcome to the forums...Great to have you aboard. Gotta love those mustangs, they are beauties. If i could only afford one. All the best in your purchase and i hope you get what you want..

    God Bless
  5. Hello
    I will be praying about that situation

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