Hey You All what's for Thanksgiving ?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Dusty, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Hey You All what's for Thanksgiving ?

  2. A big fat turkey
    homemade stuffing
    mashed potatoes
    Homemade gravy
    whole cranberries
    homemade bread
    pumpkin pie
    apple rolls............

  3. Dare I say turkey to Dusty?:D
    As far as the rest I am not sure yet.
  4. But You think I don't remember..... Ha .... Don't get me started on the turkey again. You are not going to get away with that one my son.

    Anyways.... I'm going to Violet's house.... but don't tell her cause she doesn't know yet.

  5. Oh Yah..... I forgot Pastor Gary..... Sorry Violet, I'm going to Pastor Gary's Thanksgiving.
  6. Dusty - You are used to the cold, so bring a Parka, Gloves, Scarf, Thermal Boots, Hand Warmer and Snowmobile Suit as well as a knife, fork and spoon...BUT make those plastic utensils...as cold as it will be, the metal one's will freeze to your fingers... LOL. :D
  7. No problem Pastor. :D:D:D
  8. And here I was going to set an extra plate!!! ;)

  9. Next time , Violet. Thanks He He

  10. ...gosh, now I'm hungry!


    Can't wait for Thanksgiving...for ONCE (just once) everybody in my family is getting along. Nobody is angry with anybody else, nobody is going to boycott, everybody has agreed to show up at Mom's house.

    This is a wonderful blessing! I'm so looking forward to it. I love my whole family and can't wait to see Baby Jessie smear his mashed potatoes and gravy all over the place:p
  11. WW.... Is baby Jessie.... your baby son ?
  12. I THANK THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. This is not a good week to be a turkey- hide Dusty!!!!:D


  14. Dusty - If you DO happen to make the Thanksgiving trek to our outdoor meal location in the deep forest, PLEASE bring along outer clothing in BLAZE ORANGE color... whitetail deer hunting season will be in progress on that day... and PLEASE don't bring along ANYTHING that even remotely resembles antlers... LOL. :D

  15. Oh You're going to pay for that one. I'll think of something. Ha Ha Ha :D:D:D:D:D

    Actually from one turkey to another. He He .... Aww.....ain't he purdy. Gobble Gobble.

    Why did the police arrest the turkey?
    They suspected it of fowl play
  16. Ok ....Pastor Gary.... I will come in a disguise


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