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  1. Hey Marty!


    During our service yesterday, our pastor selected a piece of scripture that I thought you might find very helpful. Just a disclaimer: this was a Mother's Day message (the best I've ever heard, by the way), and although this scripture describes the tribulation of a woman, it absolutely applies to all of us.

    I know that you struggle with a rival at work...so did Hannah in the very first book of 1 Samuel. I think you'll see some pretty useful parallels here.

    Here's what I though was interesting. Hannah had a "bitter rival" that equates to your position quite a bit. But more importantly, the bitter rival provoked the most when "Hannah would approach the House of the Lord." At the very times Hannah would worship and try to draw close to God, to worship Him, her rival would strike the most serious blows. Hannah was a Godly woman, but her very Godliness provoked attacks. The fact that you have experienced the same thing is interesting.

    Also, Hannah "poured out her soul to the Lord," showing her immense grief and suffering. She didn't just mention it in passing, but she let God have it. I imagine that her entire being just opened up and she had a genuine conversation with God.

    God remember Hannah. After she poured out her soul to Him, God remained faithful. Obviously, you're not exactly looking for a son, but a peaceful life can easily be substituted into this story.

    Finally, Hannah gave it all back to God. The very gift she had longed for for so very long, she nurtured Samuel for a few years, then gave it right back to the Creator. Have you given it all back to Him? I honestly don't know, just wondering. Her sacrifice of everything she held dear was seen as good in God's eyes.

    Anyway, I though about you during the service and thought I'd share it. There are plenty of lessons to be learned from this scripture (I didn't even mention your boss's/Hannah's husband's role in all of this) and I hope it blesses you.
  2. Thank you very much, not only for this scripture and the lesson but also, for your goodness to care about my well being. I don't see that much, here, where I live but this forum has been a serious blessing and encouragement to me.

    May God's blessings be with you. May he fill your life so full of blessing and joy that you might dare to tire of it. May all of God's blessings be upon you and all the others here who belong to Jesus.

    Now, the best blessing from him of all:

    May you and the rest here remain in his love through all hardship and trouble and may nothing cause you to fall or turn away so that when it is all over, Heaven, in our Saviors arms, will be our permanent residence. This is my prayer for you all. Please pray this for me also.

  3. Good word as usual Bassmassa :D !

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