Hey. I Just Thought To Share My Visions Of God (jesus) And His Angels. To Encourage You All

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  1. Hi...

    I just thought to share with you a few of my visions of Jesus Christ and also his angels.
    Firstly I am now 23 years old, so most of these visions are recent.

    I had started seeing angels at 6 years old...I saw a glowing white angel in human form, and he smiled at me, at first I did not understand the reason I was able to see such things, although later in my life I later experienced that I have been given this ability for reasons I am not sure of yet, but all I can do is share them with whoever would have that thirst of interest for the things of god.

    When I was around 18, God gave me a vision of a small angel, carrying a holy instrument (a golden ear) and he placed it upon me, and I heard God calling my name and I awoke at 3am in the morning.
    I then heard God say without words but complete pressure of feeling, that there is not enough time and that I must hurry...he then directed me to the kitchen at 3am in the morning, where I found my father on the floor having a heart attack. my father is an author and a worker of god, but he does not get involved with churches and the religousness of god, rather he follows the real god who is unseen. and so I saw my father on the floor, and I put an asprin under his tonge, to save his life. and so I then called the ambulance, and his life was saved. the aspirin was told to me by the doctor that it gave him enough time to live while we were waiting for the ambulance to arive. he then had 2 major heart attacks on the way to hospital, after this occured...he had surgery, and the sergion said after a few months, that it was a miracle because he not only was completely healed, but he had no scaring on his heart whatsoever, and that his heart healed as though nothing had gone wrong at all. this defies medicine as usually when someone has 2 major heart attacks the heart forms scar tissue which hardens the heart and causes problems.

    Another time I saw jesus was when I was 20 years old (a few years ago).
    I was waking up in the morning and God told me to wait, to not get up out of bed yet, and then all of a sudden I fell back into my bed, and was taken into a vision and taken into the clouds, I saw an angel blow a trumpet, and then call out three times "Jesus is coming!"
    I then saw Jesus in baby blue and white robes, walking peacefully out of the waves of the ocean in the light of morning day, the whole sea was filled with small angels who were half visible and half invisible, they were golden in color. He also had two bigger angels taller next to Jesus, and Jesus showed me his feet, and they were in the front row. as he was walking out of the ocean I could not see his face, as it was glowing like the sun, with pure love and eternal life. as I was looking at his face, I wanted to see his face, but all he said to me as he was walking towards me out of the ocean was, "I promise you". He said this in such a way that was filled with love that is far beyond any human love, it is greater and so unconditional.
    I then awoke.

    Another Vision I had was a few months ago. I spent two weeks fasting and praying night and day. as I needed god desperately as I had suffered too much pain recently and I could not bare it. I also had many questions in my heart, I wanted to know who Jesus really was, if he was the son of god, or if he was god, and I also had questions of my life.
    after two weeks of praying and fasting. I was taken into a vision into the highest mountains that were so beautiful and my eye site was perfect. I was there in my spiritual body, as I could not be there in my physical body.
    I carried in my spirit the questions that I had for god. He then proceeded to answer every one of them without words that can be heard by the physical body, but by the spiritual body.

    I then was shown the most humble man I ever saw before. he was wearing humble brown robes and a beard. He was showing me how he came to earth, and showed the way of peace, and how he came to earth and he was so kind to the people. I wanted to know who this man was, and I asked god why this man was so kind to the people, and that I wanted to know him. God then shone a light upon this man...and god said this "I came to earth as a man, because it was the only way".
    I then saw Jesus showing me how he came to earth as a man and not a woman for a specific reason to fullfull all richousness. he showed me how he trains the men to be soldiers of god, he trains their spirits to run up mountains towards him. he then explained that if he did not come to earth as man, men would be weak (femenine or homosexuals) and that woman are made to serve there husbands as this is appropriate richousness for a woman to serve god. a woman is not to be like a man (femenism or lesbionism).

    God then showed me his face close up. I tried to draw this when I awoke from the vision but I was not allowed to, only my memory is allowed to see him, for it is sin to draw his face as it can be used as an idol.
    When I saw this man face to face...it was the first time I met the most beautiful creation I could ever meet, and I knew I just met Jesus Christ, as the holy spirit of the one god, confirmed this in my spirit.
    when I looked upon jesus, he was full of laughter, happyness, eternal life. He carried with himself, three things. Strength, Child-likeness, Love. He then proceeded to show me his form, which I saw was The father God, the son Jesus and the holy spirit. His hair color was rather amazing, as I saw the roots of his hair were brown and youthfulness represented eternal life and halfway down his long hair, the ends were grey which represented the father god who has been their from the beggining, I then saw his spirit which was the holy spirit of god that held these three things (Strength, Childlike, love). I then saw him put on a joker hat at the end, which had three colors (Red, Blue, white) which represented how the father, the son and the holy spirit are one. He then showed me, how he is the "Joker" of the universe and that he tests peoples hearts. he then smiled such an amazing smile like a child and turned around and ran away and turned into a child running into the distance. I then immediately awoke and was amazed.

    I share this with you to encourage you all to have faith in him who made all things. Do not think that in life I do not suffer because I have visions, or that I am somehow more special than those that have not seen him. This is not the case. I do suffer in life as a christian, more than you can ever know. but I share this with you all because God is the one who takes my pain away, he sets me free and I love him because he is the only one who truly loves me, his love is true love.

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  2. Very encouraging, thank you for posting. I have also seen the white and baby blue robes on Jesus (high priestly garments of the order of Melchizedek i think) and the amazing smile in a vision. And yeah same thing as you Im not special either; I suffer too. Just wanted to share that I have seen some of the same things, maybe that would encourage you or others to know that ppl are seeing the same thing. He is very (edit: amazingly) beautiful.
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  3. I think that is very beautiful. Thankyou for sharing this truth. I have also come across other people even children who have seen Jesus in the baby blue and white robes. Its funny haha Jesus has a sense of humor.
    I had another vision just last night.. It was more of an outer body experience than a vision. It was very real. I can share it here or another post. either way this is what happened.

    I was taken to God's thrown in heaven, I felt that I was there in my body, all was like a reality, not like a dream. I saw my knees fall to the ground as I was on God's thrown where it was pure light. I heard the most beautiful voices singing holy songs to God. It was so beautiful the words that I wanted to write it down to be able to remember it. But an angel who was dark in skin and who had glowing blue and white eyes of light, pinned my arms to stop me. As it is a sin in heaven to take the music that belongs to God's glory. It is not for the world, but for God. I then was shown the sky on earth, I was walking almost in the sky, and then I saw the times and signs that Jesus is coming to earth. I saw the sky with almost lightning ready to abrupt and and separate the earth almost, I then became afraid as I saw I was not standing on anything but the mid air or clouds, and I called for Jesus, and said "where is Jesus, as I was afraid to be on my own in such a presence; then Jesus said "Here I am" and I felt Jesus holding me as a support behind me the whole time, Jesus was invisible, yet I felt his presence and spirit so strong that I could feel and see him in his holy robes as the holy spirit itself. As Jesus continued to show me the signs of his return to earth He showed me as a warning, only God knows when this will be, it may be now, it may be later, it may be in ten years or even a hundred, but it doesn't matter when, since this is Gods to know only. It matters to know. God showed me this so I can tell my family to be ready for him. to stop all sin, and be pure for when he returns, it will be then that all will be revealed. I cannot say.
  4. That's incredible! It reminds me of how John tried to write stuff down in the book of revelation. Beautiful testimony.
    And... not to be a bible nazi, but, Holy Spirit *HIM*self, lol.
    But that's awesome though.
  5. I appreciate that this is helpful but I am extremely skeptical of this. Simply because you claim that "women are made to serve their husbands." I do not believe this to be consistent with the scriptures at all. Men and women are both made in God's image. They are made to serve each other. He trains women to come after Him also. Some women do not have husbands. Is their life void because they do not have a husband? Paul tells both men and women that it is better to remain single so that they can serve the Lord better. Woman's mission in life is to serve a person rather than God? I don't think this is true at all. There are many women who are unmarried and have done great things for the Lord. Even women who are married can lead nations, like Deborah, who was risen up by God as a Judge. I am bothered that you believe God really told you this. Why would God make me with a weak soul? That is unfair and I don't believe it. I'm sorry. If God wants me to live that way, I would rather be dead. And I'm speaking seriously.
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    I am sorry you feel this way but I feel that you have mis understood the interpretation.
    God made man and woman in gods image yes, and the design is that man is for woman, and woman is for man, and that both should be treated equally, although if a woman does not have a husband, then she should be married to God in a holy way through honoring Jesus as her husband in a holy way since Jesus is the image of God. This is in accordance with the scriptures and also the vision I was shown. A woman is a weaker vessel not because it is less, but infact because it is strength in its own identity..it is needed in order for love to exsist perfectly. If magnets were only positive and not negative, there would be no attraction. God's designs are perfect. I myself am a woman, and I dont feel less than a man, we all have our own gifts and purposes, I never compare with others. We are not less if we are a weaker vessel. All richeousness must be fullfilled and remember, the reason why God told Abraham and Isacs family line in the old testament that he would send a saviour through a virgin, to save us from our sins, was because we all fell short of the glory of god through corruption and sin, so in order for us to be saved we must be able to follow Jesus with thankfulness, because truly he forgave our sins with his blood, and we did not deserve it, but it is because of him that we can have clean robes when we enter heavens gates.
    Have a look at the woman and the man, what is strength for a woman such as beautiful long hair or soft talking, is actually weakness for a man. and what is strength for a man, such as fighting in wars or speaking roughly or short hair, is actually ugliness or weakness for a woman. So both are made equally. What is strength for a man, is weakness for the woman, and what is strength for the woman is weakness for the man, hence why love and attraction is born.
  7. Yes, but in Christ "there is no male nor female." We are made one! God sees no distinction! Why would God make woman only the servant to a man? I agree partially with the second thing you have said but we are called to love and serve each other. It's not a one-way street. Women are weaker physically but not spiritually. A man is not stronger than me in the spiritual realm. That's silly. In Christ, in the Lord's realm, we are equal. We are one. I'm sorry, but I just do not believe that what you saw was from Christ. It seems totally out of line and insulting to me. If you are telling the truth then I would rather be dead than live in chains. What you are saying only puts the chains of the world back on me. Women are free in Christ. We do not have to be slaves to men like the world dictates. A man does not own me. I am not his property. My purpose is in the Lord, not to my husband. If I am ever married my husband should serve me the same as I serve him. What you have said is not a comfort to me. I would rather slit my throat than live in a world where I am constantly oppressed and called inferior and where God condones this! You have made it seem like God calls the woman weak and insults them! Look, obviously you are familiar with the Bible but the things you have said in your vision concern me. If I believed in what you said my life might as well be forfeit. Deborah was married and she served the Lord as a Judge. She was not a servant to her husband and was meek in the background letting him take charge. She was strong and wise and the people came to her for help, and the Lord condoned this. She was a leader and had more power than her husband. When a woman marries she does not forfeit her identity to the Lord anymore than a man does. They are meant to help each other and build each other up. God can choose whether He gives more strength to the man or the woman. Sometimes, the woman is stronger. That's just how it is. And I don't believe Jesus would associate himself with a joker. Does God tease people? I don't think he would associate Himself with a pagan symbol. This is not a name He adopts in the Bible at all. I think these are mislead visions.
  8. God created me to love and be loved and to serve Him. What you said in your vision is that Jesus said women are to serve their husbands and that is the "best" way to serve the Lord. I agree that women are to serve their husband if they are married, but men are also called to serve their wives and live sacrificially to them. We are ALL called to live in submission to EACH OTHER. Paul said that if a man is married his interests are split between God and his wife, and if a woman is married then her interests are split between God and her husband. So both man and woman are called to serve each other in marriage. Paul also said that a believing wife could save her unsaved husband, and a believing husband could save his unsaved wife! So a man's salvation in Christ helps a woman, and a woman's salvation in Christ helps a man! So see, our spiritual strength is not at all different. My soul has just as much valor and strength as any man's, and I am capable of just as must courage and can make it through any spiritual hardship with God as my aid just as a man can. Our souls are capable of as much nobility as the other. A man is not, will not, will never be any kind of spiritual leader to me. Jesus doesn't count because He is God. Plus, God has no gender, though He came to earth as a man. I believe that God came as a man because he was to make atonement as the "second Adam," not because women are weak and it would be shameful to be a woman. Why would God insult His own creation in such a way! If the Lord wanted to be a woman, it would not be out of character for Him at all because God placed His character inside women as well!
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    Long story short, I am glad for you and that you believe the Lord has spoken to you. But I simply cannot believe what you have said. I have struggled with this in the past and the Lord finally brought me to peace and understanding, and that was that He created males and females to have equal presence and purpose in His kingdom. To believe what you have said would throw me into spiritual chaos again, because I feel in my soul I was created for something else. Believing that "women are made to serve man" brings me no peace, only hatred and disgust for myself and my body. My purpose in life is far greater than simply serving a husband that I don't have. I was not created to be a slave. I was not created to be weak. I am strong, and God is making me strong. God has raised many women in scriptures to be great spiritual leaders, and many of them were married. God does not contradict Himself.
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    I need to add to what I wrote above. God only told me this..
    "I came to earth as a man, because it was the only way"
    Anything else that was shown to me by Jesus himself was what I concluded from what he showed me and how he explained to me in a language without words, that he trains up the sons of men like soldiers towards being like himself..holy, humble, etc.
    It was what he showed me that the holy spirit revealed a more in depth understanding as to the purpose of how we can achieve holyness which is in accordance with being holy, which means being gay or lesbion is outside of being holy or his image. God did not say to me directly that he made a woman to serve man, no this is what was revealed to me in the matter of being married and how we must serve our husbands and yes indeed I agree that a man must also serve his wife as this is fitting to jesus commands. You must forgive me for not writing in a way that was fully complete, I am also human and cannot give the message exactly as god has shown me, I can only give it in 2 dimensions, but I cannot give the message in the many many dimensions that god was able to show me what he wanted to say.. so please dont become worried or anxious, because I am only human and only god is perfect, pur your trust in the rock of christ and he will bring peace to you. I can understand that only jesus truly knows ones hearts and reasons for their being the way they are. Everyone has had experiences in life that are unfair, and even christians themselves can harm people by words or actions that can actually hurt more than hearing it from an unbeleiver, I am not judging you, I am only trying my best to share the things that have been shared with me.
    please dont mis understand what I have written.

    You also must understand that you are looking from one dimension at what god has showed me, we must see to use judgment that is from above and not beneath.
    What you have said is true, but not to the full degree, because what god calls truth and what we call truth is completely different, we only know a small amount of truth. since we are of corruptible knowledge, we chip and change the true identity of the bible and its translations, we chip and change history, we are living in a confused reality, and to find the truth we must seek. You have said that you dont believe this visions of christ based on the judgment of the world, and that because god put on a joker hat that had three colors representing the father god, the son jesus and the holy spirit, that this is paganism and ungodly...well you must see the full picture.. god revealed to me at that moment that he is the joker of the universe in a way that he Tests the hearts of men. did he not test job and take all his possessions and make him deseased? God is not just a happy sunshine god, the same god that made heaven, also made hell. God did not create sin, this is what humans created through the evil in their own heart. when jesus put the hat on, he did not say to me that he is a joker, no, he showed me he is like a child, as he because a child and ran into the distance at the end of the vision... a child is innocent, and has no evil in him. this is why god says we must be childlike to enter his kingdom.

    and as god has said that knives will sharpen knives, and as one kind will sharpen its own kind. I feel you have help me become sharper in some areas but I feel that if we are both on the same page, then we should come to an agreement of peace, since god is a god of peace and not confusion.
    I did not say that you are weaker than a man in the spiritual realm..
    I am a woman myself and can do things very few men can do in the spiritual real, and there are men who can do things that not many woman can do in the spiritual realm.

    Now about women being weaker, well let me ask you something about adam and eve...who took the first bite of the forbidden fruit? remember that women sinned first, and so did a man sin, but it was because the serpant saw that the woman was made from man, and so he tempted the woman. We must understand there is only equality through christ...if we have no christ, we are doomed. Equality was born when god gave his life.

    Unfortunately the men in this day and age are quite crewel to woman which is very wrong I agree..and there are some woman who react in a way against them by becoming feminism as a defense.. but none of this is in accordance with gods plan. God made both man and woman equal and yes, there is no distinction of male and femail, but there is a responsibility that comes with being born either a man or a woman. I saw god as a light in the image and that he came to earth as Jesus for a reason. can you just imagine the same god that made male, also made female... why did he come as jesus? didnt jesus rais up the woman, did he not create equality? he raised up the prostitute and forgave her, he healed the blind man, he hung around sinners not richous or proud. I serve him, so I am not here to judge you. in the vision, God only shown the light on jesus and said..
    i came to earth as a man, because it was the only way". now dont you see, the many messages in that? maybe he came as a man because no one would have listened to a woman in those days??? it makes much sense..please look into it more before looking at my imperfections.
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    God only shown the light on jesus and said..
    i came to earth as a man, because it was the only way". now dont you see, the many messages in that? maybe he came as a man because no one would have listened to a woman in those days??? it makes much sense..please look into it more before looking at my imperfections.
    maybe in those days the injustice was against woman more severely than todays day and age. maybe god saw this, and came as a man because it really was the only way.
    if God came as a woman thousands of years ago, then men would have killed her immediately and if a woman was on the cross, it would me mockery if her clothes were ripped. God cannot be mocked. he came as Jesus, and jesus did not suppress the woman, infact he raised her up to equality.
  12. I think what Ruthy may mean is that in the same way that Jesus said He came to serve not to be served, and you see Him consistently and rather often serve others, particularly His disciples, she is pointing out that part of the office of wife is to serve her husband, as Paul pointed out; and truly that the husband must also serve his wife - he is actually having the greater burden of responsibility on him, because he is supposed to love (and part of love is to serve) his wife as the Anointed One loves the Church. That's a tall order - but it's doable with the anointing in us and His Spirit in us and His Word renewing our minds and the blood of Jesus the Lamb of God upon us and diligence in the abiding in His Word.

    And there are lines of authority in a marriage - the husband submits to his wife and she to him, but the ultimate decision and burden of responsibility to God lies with the husband; but the decision is not to be made without his wife or anything like that, but he is accountable to God for all of them, whereas the wife is not. She follows his leading as priest of the house, while he submits to Jesus as His head and does only what Jesus says and wants. Any husband who lives this way is going to have a wife who has no problem being led by him, because actually Jesus is leading the pair, and the husband acts in accordance and only as Jesus would treat her.
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