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  1. I know its been awhile, just checking to see how you all are doing.

    As for me, i just got my permit and my dad is taking me practicing tommorow. .. im really nervous x D gah.

    Also, don't know if u guys been following the news but in this month, we've had another red moon and a partial eclipse. In addition to the jihadists that are popping up in the us.. my dad and i were talking and im sure we have alot in the us just waiting for the right time to spring n 2 action.

    Then ebola lol... therrs that, theres so many signs that he is coming...

    Its so weird and so scary that we are in the end times...

    Soo, hows life for you? : D
  2. Woah, congrats on driving! Don't worry, it gets easier :) It is nerve wrecking at first, but eventually will get the hang of it! (I'm a tad addicted to driving now ;) )

    Life is going swell! What have YOU been doing? You still gotta give me your Facebook link, chick! :)
  3. Yes it is nerve wrecking x D lol
  4. Hi pancakes! Glad you are learning to drive and got your permit. You will do well. :)

    My life is good.
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