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  1. Just an introduction -- I grew up as a non-denominational within an incredible family. After many years of researching more and more of my faith, I have made a transition into the Catholic wing of Christianity, which I am very thankful for.

    I'm married to the most wonderful girl I've ever known, I am very politically driven (though I always enjoy listening to every side's part), and God bless and be with you all (y)
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  2. Hello and welcome to the forum

    Glomong is our resident Catholic, he is very insightful (most of the time :D)
  3. Thanks, Brother_Mike.

    Good to know! And no worries -- you'll find I'm possibly the LEAST insightful of the bunch. :p That's why I'm here -- gotta hear what you insightful folks have to weigh in.
  4. Just fire when ready...;)
  5. Gotta admit: Glomung is the ONLY Catholic I can understand and like.....
  6. Hey Hey Hey Hey, gotcha beat on the hey's now :)
    Lol, welcome to the forums!
  7. And he'll probably STILL be the only one. :p
  8. Oy vey vey vey!

  9. Welcome to the site and It is good to have you
  10. Thanks!
  11. Welcome to the forums! :)
  12. Very late welcome to you. :D
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