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  1. I'm James from QLD Australia, been following God for the last 12 years, not without plenty of ups and downs but have remained on the tracks with God as my mentor. Studying engineering at university full-time so I had to ditch Facebook and my social life to keep up with it, recently had the idea to hang out on a Christian forum and this looks like one of the better ones.
    Anyways, looking forward to some human interaction and generally taking things in a positive direction ;)
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  2. Hello and welcome...
  3. Hi, thanks for the welcome!
  4. G'day m8. Welcome to CFS. Please don't be shy. Kik ur feet back up on a rock and git warm by the fire of God, and the rest of us funny guys/gals. We r here 2 help in any way we can my brother from another mother from dwn under :D

    Chili out.
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  5. Another Aussie on board! Welcome to CFS mate... Im down in Melbourne and glad to have you on board.

    God Bless
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  6. U will blessed by all that are here !!!

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  7. hello and welcome. I have been down under three times. Loved it each time.
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  8. Thanks everyone :)
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  9. UR most welcome sir ... and if you ever need a friend I am just a click away !!! :)
  10. I've only explored WA, but had a blast.
  11. Great to speak to you, I am in the UK and just joined too so looking forward to getting to know people :)
  12. Howdy! Welcome to the Forums :D
  13. Welcome. I've lived in Victoria for about 5 years as an international student. I love Australia and really miss my friends and the place a lot now. ;)
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