Hey everyone

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  1. Hey everyone

    Hey, my name is Matt I live in central NC. I have been a chirsten just about all of my life. I raise game chickens, like hunting, fishing, and gardening. Hope to get to know all of y'all better, seems like a really good site.

    God bless,
    Matt :)
  2. Welcome to the family.. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Be blessed,

  3. Thanks for the welcome everyone.

    If any of y'all want to see information or pictures of my chickens. I think there is a link in my profile.
  4. Welcome Matt!

    (I bet you get sick of that don't you.) :D

    You can get even with me any time.

    Same here, say, are you a 4-H er?
    Do you raise those Old English types?

    (King James Version Chickens.) :D :D
    Blacks and Reds, Silver Duckwings and such?

    I'd sure like to share a few notes with you.

    God Bless You and Welcome to CFS.
    I pray you find a welcome place here, and I sure look forward to getting to know you better.
  6. Ah, that's too bad.
    I have two girls, 12 and 14 years old.
    They are both in 4-H. Good experience for them.
    Plus, they tell me what they learn, I tell other people, and that way, other people think I'm smart.

    We have some bantys, and laying hens. Nothing 4-H worthy. I just like having the meat handy and the eggs. Plus I'm going to put them to work keeping the bugs down in the garden.
    Some people think I'm crazy but I think those little banty eggs taste better.

    I see you like to hunt. Nice land in North Carolina, did you get any deer this winter? :)
  7. Hey!
    Wonderful to have ya here!!!
    Love to fish and garden myself! Nice to meet some southerner's lol, honestly everyone here is SOOOOOOOOO great, and truly loves the LORD!

    welcome to the site![​IMG]
  8. thanks for the welcome, New2Christ

    I just turned 14 this last tuesday, so next year hopefully, I can join the FFA. But I ain't sure if the public schools will let me be in the FFA, since I am home schooled.

    I did shoot one deer last fall. We usally try not to kill more than what we eat. There is some very nice land out here, but it is alittle expensive in some areas.
  9. I'm not sure about N.C.
    Kansas does, my girls are home schooled and can join FFA, but NC may not be the same.
    My oldest (14) just got her drivers license two months ago. I know other states have a 16 age limit on drivers licenses.

    Same here. One doe will set us up for the year. I usually get a steer, two hogs, a doe, and that about does it for meat. (Plus the chickens and whatever fish we catch.)
  10. Hello and welcome. i am new here to and the site is very good. very freindly people.
  11. Hello Matt(would have said welcome if hadn't read R4tS's post:D)

    Got to say, this thread has been a real education for me. What with raising chickens, shooting hog&deer etc to stock up on food. I thought that way of life, died out with 'wild Bill Hickock':D
  12. Hey Matt,

    I'm a fellow hunter and fisher too.

    Welcome to CFS.
  13. Hi, Welcome to the site. I am fairly new myself. Learning more and more everyday. It's awesome to have a forum to be able to talk to other christian going through things simaliar to you, and just learning things you didn't no. It's great!
  14. Bill Died!!!???? :eek:

    I didn't even know he was sick. :(
  15. Hi Matt... I love to garden and fish also. Welcome to the forum.

    Raising your chickens sure does sound interesting.

    I don't hunt, but my sons do. Didn't get any deer this year....oh well, maybe next year.

    Glad you joined us!!!!
  16. Location: Kansas
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    What with raising chickens, shooting hog&deer etc to stock up on food. I thought that way of life, died out with 'wild Bill Hickock'
    Bill Died!!!???? [​IMG]

    I didn't even know he was sick. [​IMG]

  17. Hi Matt and welcome to the CFS family my brother!:D:D:D

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