Hey Everyone!!

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  1. Hey Everyone!!

    :heart: Let me make a quick introduction!

    My name is Mindie. I live in California, 5 minutes away from Disneyland. Orange County isn't an exciting place but I feel at home here. I am a web and graphic designer, about to graduate with a BA in web design multimedia. I am 24 years old, about to be 25 in April.

    I attend a Church in Santa Ana called Templo Calvario. My Church is under the Assemblies of God Pentecostal. I love my Church, who have become my new family. We are also called a “Cell†Church. A cell is almost like a Bible Study but not quite. A Bible Study is for an individual to grow closer to God in every aspect. A Cell is a Leadership Building ministry. We reach out, bring others to our cell, and build leaders so they also can start their own cell. Do you know how cells in the body multiply? Yeah, well, that is how it works. Our main purpose is to multiply and form leaders.

    I just recently was asked me be part of my Leaders 12 and I had my very first cell meeting January 8, 2007. Yes, that was just yesterday.

    I am excited to see what the Lord has for me. God has control over my feet, hands, and words; my whole body.

    If you want to know anything else, just ask, or look at my profile.

    I am happy to be here.
  2. Mindie,

    I said a small prayer for your spiritual father.

    It appears that the web has become a powerful environment for sharing and advancing the Christian faith, and with your education, you can be right at the center of the work of the Holy Spirit. How exciting.

    It appears you attend a Spanish speaking church. Indeed, the Hispanic influence in America at this time could also have a great influence on the Christian character of our nation. No wonder there's a conflict over the status of the Hispanic immigrant at this time.

    Do you believe the internet is being used as powerfully in the Spanish language as in English for the service of the Kingdom??

    (Apparently, your definition of "cell' is particular to your church, and not in any sense its primary meaning. At least, my website presents a much different concept of the term, although I recognize your version of it).

    M Paul
  3. M Paul,

    I would have to agree. The internet is a great tool in spreading God's word. I have heard of people being saved through a website or getting advice on problems they feel helpless about. I want to reach out to anyone God's leads me to, even to those over the internet. God is powerful and he has no limits on what he can do.

    Yes, I attend a Spanish Church. I am not Spanish, but white. I grew up around the spanish culture all my life, so I have no problem fitting in. My church is actually one of the largest Haspanic Churchs in the world. Where I live, most of the population is Spanish. My Pastor is awesome. Thank God for changing lives!

    I believe the internet can be used in ALL langages for the service of the kingdom. Like I said before, God has no limits. I have seen Spanish Christian sites out there. I bet they equal to as much as the english.

    Actually, there are many churches out there that are considered a "Cell" Church. I didn't go into full details about what a cell church was. I wanted to keep it simple because most of the time, people have no idea what that is. I have even came across people who thought "Cells" sounded like a cult. Haha, of course that is not true.

    Thanks for the prayer.
  4. Spanish, Chinese or English, we are all precious in His sight. I just got reminded of an old song I knew.

    Welcome to the forum, Mindie. :)
  5. Welcome

    Hi, Mindie - welcome to the Forum. :)
  6. Thank you, thank you! :D
  7. Hi Mindie, welcome abroad! I'm from Asia, and I'm Chinese.
  8. It is nice to meet you. :D
  9. Hi mindy,:)

    I hope you read my threads too:)
  10. Thanks. :D I feel so welcomed.
  11. Mindie,

    Welcome to the forum. I also attend an Assembly of God church in West Chester PA. Glad you are here.

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