Hey everyone Im an Ex-Satanist

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  1. Hey everyone Im an Ex-Satanist

    Hi everyone, I used to be a part of the group called "joy of Satan" until I realized they were Nazi, plus the "HP's" are a tad crazy.

    I recently turned back to Christianity, I feel a baptism is in order to wash away the sin and to do away with the dedication I did to Satan....

    The magick has kinda messed me up so if I seem a tad... strange.... well yeah....

    Oh, and my name works like this.

    X= Ex 19= 19th letter of the alphabet "S" which corresponds to "Satan/Satanist" so Ex-Satanist.

    as for "N3" N= Now 3= 3rd letter of the alphabet, C C= Christian. So X19_N3= Ex Satanist Now Christian just in case you're wondering.
  2. Greetings to you X19_N3... welcome to CFS... whatever your background, if your NOW and your future are "in Christ" you are welcome and accepted as a "body member" by me... we all were/are "sinners" and sin is actually NOT measured by degrees in God's own prespective, so satanist, thief, fornicator, it's all sin regardless!

    I did just want to point out to ya, and I sure hope you will not be offended by my so doing, that "baptisim" does NOT "wash away sin" at all... indeed, ONLY our salvation by belief in Christ Jesus as our sacrificial substitute in paying the penalty for our sins by HIS death upon the cross can and does "wash away sins"! So X19_N3 if you believe that Jesus is the "son of God", and that HE died for your sins, and that God raised HIM back to life, and you have asked HIM to be your Savior and have faith now in Him as such, then absolutely ALL your sins are "washed away" utterly and forever, and God will never again recall them or require a penalty to be paid for them, the penalty is PAID IN FULL by HIS BLOOD SHED FOR YOU! Baptisim, is merely a "public expression of faith in obedience to the Word of God". It is an outward declaration and evidence of your being saved in Christ. Thus, if you accepted Christ, rest assured X19_N3 your sins were washed away! :smiley10:
  3. That's a big relief for me.... Im having anxiety problems atm so my heads really not on straight....
  4. We need to remember Jesus said we must repent; that means turn away from all sin, and also if we truly confess Him as LORD of our whole life then we will be saved.

    Luke 13:3I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

    Romans 10:9That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
  5. I will be here praying for you... and now, Holy Father, in Jesus Name, I ask You Lord to ease the anxiety and grant Your PEACE Lord Jesus, unlike the world's peace, and Lord I ask You to grant Your comfort and mercy to X19_N3 so that the assurance of salvation comes to the heart! Lord let your child rest in You and be still and know that YOU are GOD! Praise YOU Lord Jesus in Your Holy Name, AMEN & AMEN

  6. Yes agreed GodSpeaks, repentence is key and important... that said, in my answering I was assuming in this case that indeed X19_N3 truly has "fully repented of satanisim" completely and entirely in turning back to Christianity.
  7. The only reason I mentioned it was so anyone reading would know that repentence is part of true salvation. Some think if they just 'believe' , which many times is just mental assent, they will make it to heaven and that's not so. This is the beginning of a personal love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
  8. YES ... AMEN! And may many many read, believe, repent, and accept God's great gift of Grace JESUS!
  9. Welcome to CFS . i saw your unique username under the "most recent member" so i clicked on your profile . and found that so encouraging . glad you posted . will pray for you regarding the anxiety problems you mentioned earlier .
  10. I like how that website imply I have a lack of knowledge, just because I am a Christian...
    Well I looked at all the main religions, was an ex pagan etc etc.. so I hardly have a "lack of knowledge"...
    I wanna do a religion quiz with the person who wrote that, I bet id win...

    anyway I read it all, just to get an idea of your mindset..
    satan is gonna try whisper to you, probably about unforgiveness or he will use the way they think to say God is not real...
    you need to know what could come in the next few weeks, which is why I am telling you openly...
    been there, was not fun but God helped me through it.
  11. Oh wow.... you're all so nice... Satanists were very harsh.... survival of the fittest they called it.... no one really cared for each other.... a shame....
  12. Welcome to CFS
  13. repent to our Lord.ask God to send you the holy spirit.
  14. Yes smellycat I have done that.
  15. Good :) And know that Jesus loves you. You are a new creation. And I do hope you know that Satan hates you. He's here to destroy you. But you are a child of God and Satan can no longer harm you!
  16. Are you sure Satan can't hurt me?... he's done it once....
  17. Welcome to the site... :)
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  19. I cannot seem to find my posts in the private section . or in my posting history . were they moved elsewhere?

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