Hey! Dusty!

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  1. Hey! Dusty!

    Assuming it was apples, grin.

    How many apples were actually eaten in the Garden that fateful day? :D
  2. We don't know what kind of fruit is was . But that does not matter.... apples .. pears.... what ever ... it was fruit .

    My Bible says she ate some so assuming it was more than one ..... then she gave some to her husband .

    I don't understand why it has always be clasified as an apple. Just passed down through history.

  3. See? There were eleven fruits eaten that day. Not just one

    Eve ate Adam two And the devil won. (that day)

    That makes eleven doesn't it? :D:D
  4. That one flew right over my head. :D

    I like apples, they did get a bad rap didn't they.
  5. :D :D

    Couldn't have been an apple...apples are good. Must have been a mushy grainy pear! Blech!

    :D :p :D

  6. Sorry , I am kind of slow ( It's a senior thing ) I missed the punch line .:(:(:confused::confused:

  7. Or Okra Blech blech!
  8. Don't worry...I didn't get it either...must be a brainiac joke.
  9. Can I join the lost group please? I have tried to get to the 11 but no joy.
  10. rule 3.1 be careful people.
  11. Must be an Alberta joke that only the west would know ..... He he :D
  12. I'm Blond, and I Got It!

    See? There were eleven fruits eaten that day. Not just one

    Eve, ate (as in 8) Adam two And the devil won (as in 1). (that day)
    8 plus 2 plus 1 = 11 SMELLY GOT IT !

    That makes eleven doesn't it? :D:D
  13. Woa !!!!!... Hey you get a gold star for that one and go to the top of the class.... Woooo...... Hoooooo.


  14. and i thought there was 1 fruit in the middle.:confused:

  15. That would be me .... Michael..... :D:D:D

  16. your not that old dusty ....surely.:eek:

  17. Ate 8
    +too 2
    +won 1
  18. I have to read up on the rules if I'm going to be around. If I get another locked thread I think I'm going to break some kind of record :D:D:D. And they all deserved to be closed...I'm a born rule breaker :) .

    Good joke/puzzle.
  19. LOL Cho :D I remember that one :p grin

    I remember being really confused either :p
  20. Ha! You were pounding your head on the wall trying to figure it out LOL

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