Hey dudes

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by BCheezy, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Hey dudes

    New here. I'm Ben, I'm 19, I study graphic designing in college right now, and I don't have a job. I've had 4 on and off, and plan to go back to work in the summer when school won't interfere. I'm basically a huge sports guy. I'm a pretty intense Mariners and Seahawks fan. Probably too intense. I love to snowboard and work out too.

    I got this site by google searching. I'm having a tough time with a relationship and can't get the problem off my mind, so maybe this is the answer. I wouldn't just take the advice and run either, I'll make sure to pop in whenever I can.
  2. ahh graphic design
    good stuff

    and skiing is the only way to go
    sorry to break ur bubble

    o ya
  3. Eyyy whats happenin.
  4. Can we ad signatures to this site? It would be quite an upgrade, and then I could show off my graphic skeeelz.:cool:
  5. Hey, Cheezy.
  6. yep go to the control panel towards the top on the left of the webpage
    its underneath the christian forum site icon
  7. Testing...
  8. put the
    with the normal brackets of course
  9. Hi BC and welcome to CFS!
  10. Welcome to the forum.
  11. Oh yeah I had the [img} part figured out. What happened was the file limit on this board is the lowest file size in the history of forums for some reason, so I had to save it as a real low qulity jpg file in order to get it to show. When saved as a png the whole thing looks brighter, better, clearer, and the top left corner where his name is isn't white, it camoflouges to the color of the board and makes it look like the image is an irregular shape making it look all 3d and stuff. I guess I can settle for the way it looks now though.

  12. It still looks great!
  13. Welcome to the forum, Ben.
  14. Wow, havn't seen this topic in a while.. lol.
  15. I wasn't in here for a while. :)

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