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  1. Hey everyone. When I was 10, I had a birthday party. Supposedly, we saw angels downstairs. The angels had no faces whatsoever. No eyes, no nose, no mouth. All of my friends and even I did. We thought they were truly from God, but as years passed, my friend and I knew it wasn't of God but of Satan. This is because we were all scared. We were petrified. If we saw angels, there would have been a peace, not fear. There was this one angel that my cousin was seeing. It was black faced, had orange hair, and was coming at her about to hurt her. We were confused, but since we were so young and so naive, we thought she was lying. She started crying at the party, and said she was feeling physically sick. But yet, we still felt it was from God.

    Years passed, and I was probably around 18 years old. There was a party with my family and we were all downstairs. I was sitting by my mom, and all of a sudden, a demonic voice whispered in my ear, saying my name. My stomach twisted, it was horrible and so terrifying. I turned to my mom, whispered in her ear, and said, "Something just said my name in my ear." My mom then prayed with me, even though she doesn't believe in that stuff.

    2 months ago, I was playing the piano downstairs. I felt something behind me and thought my mom had come downstairs. Right when I was about t oturn around, a black shadow passed me. I jumped soooo high.

    Yesterday, I was upstairs, and I was in the bathroom getting ready. There's a closet by the bathroom and the closet door was open. I heard a door shut. I freaked out. I then went out of the bathroom and saw that the closet door that was open, was shut. I finally started praying. My pastor taught me how to pray, because we have authority over demons. Anyways, I went out of the bathroom and said, "In Jesus' name, I command you to GO! I invite Jesus Christ to dwell in this house, and I pray for His angels to come from heaven and to live in this house!" And I said it a few other times. Then I went downstairs and said the same thing.

    I have such peace. I don't have fear. It's not a constant fear. I am so glad that I prayed those prayers.

    Sorry if this scared you, def don't mean to. Just things have been happening and since I prayed that prayer, peace is here =]
  2. Yes, God is good and faithful and he gives us peace.
  3. What you have experianced is not at all any fun but I have experianced this over a hundred times.I say that because I know there is people who pray against me but let me tell you this,annoint oil and pray over the oil for a while than place it on your feet and ask God where ever you walk he will annoint this as a respresentation of the blood of Christ.When I was writting my second book a witch appeared in my bedroom mirror and just started to his at me,and another time I was hit with a fist behind my head one time but through the years of doing spirtual warfare I have learned that when you annoint any thing with the oil it really pushes back the enemy.One time I went to a gay bar and walked up to the front doors and annointed the doors.2 months later it shut down.Through the yearsI have seen christian give up so much ground to the enemy but where ever I go I point out that christians need to take back the ground the enemy has stolen.Infact its excitting because just last month I was asked to go and pray over the grounds at a mental insitution.See God has got some great things planned for you because the enemy is really trying to come after you and I dont know if you know this but God doesnt allow every one to see what you have seen so I know God has some great and mighty plans for you.
  4. Dude thats very, eh creepy but im glad your ok. My aunt was choked by a demon and so was my cousin. Im glad ur safe.
  5. I can definitely relate. When I was a child I had a very heavy wooden dresser to keep my clothes in. It was a dark winter morning and I was getting up to get dressed. As my hand came toward the dresser drawers to open it it fell open right in front of me. Nothing was loose and I didn't get close enough to touch it to make it do that. I was frozen in fear. I couldn't even scream for my mom.

    Years later I started experiencing some really demonic stuff, but ever so slightly in the beginning. At first things would go missing and I would blame myself or others for the misplaced item(s). Now, one thing you must understand is that I loved to sleep in total and complete darkness. I felt I got the most hours of sleep I needed that way. But then I would hear things fall off my dresser (the same dresser I had when little) and fall onto the floor. It wasn't loud since I had a rug in my room, but I have sensitive hearing and I knew I heard something. I brushed it aside for a few nights ignoring what I was hearing since getting up in the morning there would be nothing on the floor. Nothing happened for a while.

    Scary movies never scared me, in fact they always gave the heeby-jibies to my boyfriends. I would just laugh and say "It's just a movie." I have watched The Exorcism and that didn't scare me. The Exorcism of Emily Rose, now that's a movie I will never forget. Something hit me that day when I went to see it with my family and boyfriend and friends. The movie was fine and there were some very good points in the movie I really paid attention to. The movie itself didn't scare me probably because I was with a lot of people, but when we were driving home I saw this big, gnarly tree and looked just like the position Emily Rose took when she was possessed. I'll never forget that tree either. The weird thing is I've never seen that same tree there since.

    A week passed since seeing that movie and I slept like a baby in my darkened room. My room was in the basement so there wasn't a very big window for light to shine through, although I still covered it with a dark blanket. Things started to get creepy again. I would continue to hear things falling off my dresser for a few days and just progressed from there. My bed started to shake ever so slightly that I thought it was just my heart beat moving me for a while, but it got more aggressive. I had a water bed and to shake that needs incredible force. My bed would shake until my eyes flew open and left as quickly as it came. It was really messing with my head at this point. When I slept I had dreams like a normal person would but then turn into a night terror and wake up in cold sweats. One was about the Gates of Hell. I was being pushed as the gates opened. There was brimstone and lava-falls, just everything was on fire. The gates were opening for me and I screamed to wake myself up. Another, I had a dream about my boyfriend at that time and all of a sudden he went black like a shadow figure and held me down. It was smirking at me like it was having fun tormenting me in my dreams. I would try to sleep with all the lights on in my room and prayed and prayed for this thing to go away.

    Days passed as I had no sleep and my grades were failing because I was so tired all day long. I finally told my mom what was going on with me and she took me to see the pastor in our church. There were a few others with him and they were all in a circle around me and praying while the pastor said a few words, sprinkling holy water on my head. Since then I've never experienced anything evil to this very day.
  6. Christine thats such an amazing story! Well nothing u and xspin described ever happened to me and i guess its cause God knows if i saw or experienced things like that id stroke out and meet him before my time. XD lol, also im very skittish and get scared too easy so i guess God knows who to give it to and who not to lol. But im glad ur ok.
  7. Oh yes, another experience comes to mind. Last year when I first adopted my kitten, she slept outside of my room so I would leave my door shut. One night when I knew my kitten wasn't in the room, I felt something jump onto my bed and crawl towards me like a cat would. Then I felt it move away from me and jump off the bed, but I didn't hear it land on the floor. I was not scared at all by this. In fact I felt like it was there to check if I was ok because it didn't stay long.
    This experience never happened again, so I'm thinking I might have been lucid.
  8. Thats weird are u sure the cat dnt jump on the bed and what is lucid?
  9. Yeah I am completely, 100% sure the she was not in the room. Like I said, I kept my door shut so there was no way she could get in.
    Lucid is when you are half awake and half asleep.
  10. Oh wow , that gives me shivers lol u and xspin are much braver than i am lawl im jealous :x lol. I think i may have exp lucid before, like i had a dream and i woke up and thought i was awake but i was still sleep. Is that it :x
  11. No, not quite like that. I had dreams like that where I thought I was late for work only to wake up on time to get up. lol!
    Lucid is something like being stuck in limbo of the dream world and reality. The mind can be powerful sometimes.
  12. Limbo? I agree the mind is powerful
  13. >.< you've never heard of limbo either?? This is getting harder to explain lol!
  14. I agree with you Xspin. i don't see spirits but feel them physically and it sometimes makes my skin crawl which is not from God and sometimes I feel total peace. When my skin crawls i pray to God and I rebuke the spirits. I tell them I am a child of God and you are not welcome here....begone! Amen. And they leave. then i thank God for giving me this authority over evil. OOOOOO thank YOU Lord.

    chili out.
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  15. Wow it gave me the chills to just read it.. I had a few experiences like these but thankfully didn't see anything. Just felt them :s sad to say, I didn't really know how to pray so I just said 'this is my house and Jesus is here. Whatever you are, I'm uncomfortable. GET OUT!' seems to work for me :x
  16. I bolded the part of your quote that makes me worried.
    I don't feel there's such things as ghosts, but demons. Demons are out to get you, never to check up on you. If the devil's out here to kill and destroy, so are the demons.
    I get worried when people think these kind of things happen because demons are worried about them.
  17. That is not what I said at all. I was merely stating what I felt. Hence, is why I said I may have been lucid. I don't believe in ghosts at all. I only believe in Angels and Demons as I know they are real. A further note: I did not specify what this experience was, only that I could have been lucid. I hope this clears up any misreadings/misunderstandings with what has been explained.
  18. You seem offended - I must have just misunderstood what you said!
    And I didn't think I said you believed in ghosts? I just said I didn't believe in ghosts, but I never said you did.
    Take care :)
  19. Nah, nah, I'm not offended. Just clearing up a misunderstanding. ^.~ But thanks!~

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