Her Plea

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  1. Her Plea

    "it will all get better in time"
    they tell her, time and time again
    trying to help ease her broken mind
    but what is it that time will gain, she can't help but ask
    feelings being masked.
    state of heart ache,
    feeling as if in any moment, she is going to break.

    she sits and awaits for her answers to her prayers
    time goes slowly, shes losing the abilities to care
    she can hear the whispers of how shes cold hearted
    but she can hear you and shes just getting started
    trying to fight the bitterness
    but she begins to regress

    the world has shut on her face
    as she tries to find redemption
    and some kind of grace

    she falls to her knees and screams
    "is this what you wanted from me?"
    as she begins to awake from her dreams
    and weeps, "Ive got nothing left in me"
    she begins to plea

    she naively trusted her heart in the wrong place
    trying to see the light, but the mess is too deep
    searching for the Lord and his righteousness
    as she tries to take her leap
    so much stands in her way
    everything turns to a shade of gray

    face to the floor
    feeling as if she can't take much more
    angry and lost, she cries
    she looks up and a set of feet are before her eyes
    A hand extends to her, helping her to her feet
    filled with defeat, she says
    "I do not know what do, I've lost everything, so I come to you.
    I know I do not deserve your mercy or grace
    but I've placed my heart in the wrong place.
    Please save me from myself"

    -By: Leap of Faith
  2. Leap, that was totally awesome! You don't know how much it has helped me in making some decisions. I was just amazed at how this poem was written in such a way that it can help others, no matter what the situation, it can reach anyone in most desperate situations. But, then God is like that . . . His words apply to anyone, no matter their condition. :rolleyes:

    Thanx so much for sharing this gift God has given you this Christmas Season! HUGZ, Sweets

  3. I am glad you enjoyed it! I've been going through a hard time and just had to write about it.. Wanted to share it and I am very glad I did.
  4. Her Plea:

    His reply:

    Jer 31:3 The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.

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