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  1. Hello everyone. I'm here looking for advice on how to handle my sister. She is 15 going on 16 in December. She used to be a bright level headed person, but she is changing and I don't know how to talk to her. This past Christmas she stole two Visa Gift cards from my husband and I we received as gifts. She disrespects our parents and they do not parent her as they did with me (I feel they are trying to be her friend and be nice). Just recently I learned she has started sneaking out at night, smoking pot, taking pills, and having sex with her boyfriend. My mom did not tell me how they were trying to handle it. My husband and I have tried to hold my sister accountable for things (recently posting revealing photos and crude language online.) She only blows it off and says something like, "Okay then." I worry if I talk to her she'll do something drastic (she says when she fights with our mom she thinks about suicide. not sure if she's being dramatic or serious, but I treat it seriously). Today she is going to a Christian camp and I pray God guides her in this time. (She has been before and loves going, but not sure if it is for the message or social setting). How can I try to talk to her about this?
  2. Ephesians6 etc. Spiritual warfare.
    You are dealing with demonic influence, therefore that should direct your action. She is deceived by the enemy and cannot see what she is doing. Add to that if she is in a sexual relationship, that means they are a one flesh. What is in him has access into her through that relationship, and if he is a non believer, who knows what is in him.

    I doubt anything you say to her face will change things unless you deal with the demonic first.
    Therefore you need to start taking authority in the name of Jesus against these demonic powers.

    Pleading with God to do things that God has given the believers to do is not the answer. We have been handed the power to cast demons out and to bind them.

    If this is new territory for you, then get clued up quick. Read the relevant scriptures to understand what I am talking about, and get hold of some good books.
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  3. We will be joining you in prayer that this time in the camp will be an avenue that God will really gat ahold of her. My thoughts are to ask God to give you some scriptures to pray over her and to stand on. As she is saved its time to treat her as a young woman of God, and to begin to intercede for her. And as francis drake says....bind the strong man and the demonic spirits that are making the things of the world attractive to her. And if she ever calls you and says that she is going to commit suicide...get on the phone right away to 911 and let them know what she is talking. She is in a very vulnerable place and i agree with you that it should not be taken lightly.

    God be with you!

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