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    My Firefox Isn't working with CFS. It will let me do everything I need to except type in the message area. I am using IE now but I hate it!
  2. Funny my IE7 is just fine-LOL! In truth I have been using internet explorer almost exclusively for years without a hitch. As far as your FF troubles brother I would suggest a pm to Mr. Jeff.
  3. I hate IE. Too many problems always.

    I had a similar problem to you while using firefox years ago. No one could figure out my problem. It got progressively worse and worse, and only occurred on one forum. No one else on the forum experienced anything like it. (And no, the forum was not playing tricks on me or placing me in miserable users group or anything. I know because I was a senior mod. for years there. :p) I have never had any other problems with firefox, except that time.

    After that time, I switched to Opera. I was forced to switch at first because no one could figure out why my firefox was acting up on that forum. To this day, I like Opera and use Opera..... except for right now because I am on a borrowed computer.

    You can get Opera here if you want:
  4. Rick, I have the same version and it works fine for me. I wonder if the problem is on your side. I'll anyway try to access CFS from somewhere else and see if any such problem shows up or not.
  5. In the Firefox top toolbar, click on "TOOLS", then on "OPTIONS" and then the "PRIVACY" tab. Make certain that the box marked "Accept Cookies from Sites" is checked as well as the next block down selecting "Until They Expire".

    Then - click on the "SECURITY" tab and make sure that the first two boxes are checked... "Warn Me When Sites Try To Install Add-on's" and " Tell Me If The Site I'm Visiting is a Suspected Forgery" and the first box below that regarding using the downloaded database to check forgeries.

    Then you can go into the "ADVANCED" tab and just see if the permissions are set to your standards or hit the HELP button to see what those settings in ADVANCED should be for your applications.

    Good luck...
  6. I have

    It works

    My problem is with other web pages where javascript is needed. It will not work and javascript is enabled
  7. All you guys are IE challenged!:D
  8. what do you expect with a name like fire fox.not very reliable.:)
  9. Firefox is a lot more reliable than IE, by a pretty huge margin. And unlike IE, it's actually fully w3c/html compliant.
  10. not a very good name then,fire=hell,fox=satan.:rolleyes:
  11. IE 8 is named [SIZE=-1]Teahupoo, and 7 was named [/SIZE]Rincon. Both are beaches.

    Rincon is an anagram for Corn In, and Teahuppo is an anagram for
    Eat Ooh Up (since I know you love anagrams)

    Firefox is named after the Red Pandas in China.
  12. seeing how there,s a hell,s beach,and devils rock,maybe they will call programs after these next,but nothing to do with the bible.:(just a beach eh.
  13. Again, I don't know were the copmalints come from- I use the heck out of it - it is fast easy to use and flawless in it's performance. I tried FF before but it seems whatever browser you install last tries to dominate everything leaving out the freedom to choose. Oh well to each his own.
  14. Spam, trojans, and hacks are #1. IE has a lot of vulnerabilities because it's very, very robust.

    Every browser also has a setting to determine if you want it to be your "default" browser. There is also a setting to prevent other browsers from taking over as default. If more than one browser has this setting activated, then that is why they fight.
  15. I understand Ban- they are alot like some church folk- they can't get along in the same house-:eek:

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