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  1. Help!

    Hi there :)
    I am a Christian girl, or at least that's what i tell myself but i keep doings the worst things that christians could possibly do and i don't know how to stop. i lie to my friends and make up stories- i really want to stop but i don't know how! please help me!
  2. Hey! Sometimes, when we can't get rid of a certain sin, it is because we are looking at OURSELVES to get rid of it. But 2,000 years ago, there was someone who loved you SO much that died on the cross for our sins. And while he was hanging on that cross, he said "It is finished." He made a way for us.

    Just because you have Jesus in your life, doesn't mean that we are going to be SINLESS. But we are free from sin. Meaning, we don't have a "desire" to sin. And even though we do sin, we just need to keeep REPENTING.

    And even when we break our Father's heart with our sin, HE STILL LOVES US. For God is love.

    You ask us to help you - but the only help that you can receive is from Jesus! Ask Him to take away the desires to lie, to make up stories. Live for him daily. He loves you <3 <3
  3. hey unregistered. Your not the only one to struggle with these issues. As Xspinningisfun told you, God is Love, and loves you. Let us know who you are and tell us about yourself, stay awhile. There are some awesome women that love God on this board, and just talking and fellowship with them often is enough to get us thinking differently. Stay, and give God a chance.
  4. I'm with WordOfFaith, I do hope you decide to join here! But if not, we will understand completely!
    Stay blessed <3

    And remember, Jesus isn't ashamed of you. He isn't embarrassed. He is so in love with you <3
  5. You are still a human being. As a human, you have to deal with your flesh.

    You cannot completely conquer yourself, but the more you learn how to stop things, the stronger you become.

    I have been a 'Christian' for several years now, and I am still battling my flesh. Is it easy? Most certainly not!

    I have lied a couple of times - it won't kill you, but it's not a good thing. I make up stories to entertain people and myself - I'm creative, so I'm constantly thinking of some new story. Don't let people tell you that one little sin is taking you straight on the road to hell. You cannot expect yourself to be perfect, and you have to go to God for your issues.

    I mean, you should see some of my issues. It's not easy, because sometimes they feel good, you know? Sometimes, I get so angry I want to break something, and a few days ago I did. And you know what - it felt really, really good, but it wasn't good for me. It's destructive behavior, and someone could get hurt, including myself. So, I have to constantly battle that urge to just pick up something that's breakable and throw it. It's a lot like cutting for me - it feels good, it releases my tension and my anger, it gives me a sense of control.

    So, don't think that your this 'horrible' Christian because you sin. We're human beings and we're weak - we have to strengthen ourselves in order to be able to resist these things. If you need help, go to God. He's your best answer. Simple as that.

  6. Since the editing option is not available, I forgot to add this to my [above] post -

    I'm not sure what you mean, exactly, by 'make up stories', if you are doing them in the form of lying or something?

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