!!! Help !!!

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  1. !!! Help !!!

    :( im frustrated

    Can/Will, Someone Please Help Me Rember How To Post A
    New Profile Picture & Icon (of my choice) Onto My Page.

    I Tried For Almost 3hrs Yesterday To Change Them Via
    The Directions Given On The Page ... To NO Avail.

    I Would Also Like To Download/Upload (what ever its called)
    All Of My Already Choosen Pics On My Other Sites So I Can
    Choose From Them.

    Hopefully Somebody Can Tell Me How To Do This ~:)-]

    *May The SON Always Shine Thru,
  2. IN the upper left hand corner of this page
    in the yellow bar is a bullet labeled "Control Panel"

    Click on it.

    Then click on "Edit Profile Picture" under "Your "Profile"

    You can select the "BROWSE" button to select a picture from your computer,
    you can enter the URL: if the picture is on the Internet.

  3. ~Thank You~
    Check out my new pics when you get a chance~:)-]

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