help please

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  1. help please

    I can't get to my profile , my signture won't go thru :sad01_anim::sad01_anim:
  2. The VBulletin software that runs CFS has a built in spam protector... You will be able to access your profile and many other things as you post more and more. Please fellowship with our members in the Welcome Area and soon, you will see forum features opening up for you.
  3. Hello Pastor Gary. Are you also ex honalulu way (can't spell the other name):blush:
    Thanx for your explanation. Does the same apply to PM access?
    And I can't find any info on rating; ie. 'partial member' it is not listed in the FAQ area.
    I suppose this latter should be addressed to Admin, but a Moderator might chip in anyway.

  4. Blessings Calvin,

    Pastor Gary is no longer at CFS. But as far as the "Partial Member" status. The more you post, the more the forum opens up to you. Once you past your 6 post, your status will change to Full Member. And the more you post after that you will have access to both your profile and have pm privileges.

    God bless,

  5. Thanks Godbe4me, well this is post# 4 so 2 2 go! for the first bench mark that is
  6. I am wondering if it would be possible for a new member to get a notice as soon as they join to explain these things. so that every time a new member comes they won't have to ask, thinking there is some reason things don't work
  7. That is a suggestion. There are a few notices shown to only new members. Not everything is explained in them. Good suggestion. I'll probably add them at a later time.
  8. What is this "New Member", "Member", "Active Member", and "Well-Known Member" thing? I've noticed some people with less messages and who have been on the site in a shorter amount of time than a "Member", but who are still considered "Active" members. Can someone explain how this works and why it matters?
  9. Hey girl! You start getting new "titles" when you post more. It's not based on how long you have been here, but how many posts you post!

    So let's say I'm a new member and I post 100 posts in my first week, I wouldn't be considered a new member anymore, but a member or an active member because I posted a lot of posts.

    I don't think it matters so much, but it's just a nice thing to have :)
  10. oh I was confused because at 150 post someone has an active member and I'm at over 200 and still a member. Like I said it doesn't matter I was just wondering if it had more to do with post. I think it does... Thank you sweetie!
  11. Hmmm, that's weird! I may be wrong. I took a break from this website for a bit because of college, so I might have forgotten what that's all about. Lol. However, I'll ask :) :) :)
  12. At what level are we tagged "Hyperactive Member"? :p
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  13. Logon frequency....
  14. I think it's a given for some! :LOL:
  15. It may be logon frequency or it may be because our forums were migrated to a new software about 2 years ago. The criteria for level of activity must be different for different softwares and once awarded it stays. I'll have to clear that up with our developers anyway.
  16. Yes, perhaps. I log in with my phone continuously...actually, im always logged on. That explains it!
  17. I like "Staying" logged on. Easy, quick access. :) Hey, and if someone hacks into my CFS then i guess they'll just have to learn about the word of God. ;)

  18. From what I've seen, I think Rusty's onto something...
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  19. And then there's "Pro-Active", "Zippy", and the coveted "Twinkle Toes"
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