Help needed with outdoors Christian wedding

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  1. Help needed with outdoors Christian wedding

    Hiya all!

    My partner and I have recently got engaged and now thinking about the wedding.

    We live in the UK and will get married here, so I would appreciate advice and help for the UK please.

    We have decided that we would like a Christian wedding, but for it to be held outdoors. Is this possible?

    I've been told that some non-denominationals will do this, but I have no idea how to go about finding out more info.

    Under UK, if you want to get married in a hotel, park, stately home, etc, you can not have any scripture reading, prayers, hymns, etc. Therefore, it is purely a civil wedding.

    Anyway, does anyone know if it is possible to have a Christian wedding outdoors? (which will be legal and will mean that we are actually married!!).

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Wow.

    I wasn't aware of that.

    I have one idea, How about if I fly over there, and you can pick any location you like, and I'll give you the biggest, God glorifying, scripture filled, hymn singing wedding you ever saw.

    Then after the Benediction, you will be married, and I wil be in jail. be it.
  3. It is indeed unfortunate that our friends in the UK have lost so much of their freedom.
  4. Yes it is.

    Please don't take my sense of humor the wrong way.

    I have great respect for the laws of your Nation. But I am truly shocked to learn that you cannot speak the Word of God in public.
  5. lol ..... I speak the Word of God in public! Theres nothing to stop people talking about God openly here, but .... I don't understand that once you decide that you want to get married outside, you can't mention anything spiritual. This includes all forms of religion and blessings, from all traditions.

    Surely, theres no better way to show your love for your future spouse in front of God and loved ones standing in the Lords creation!
  6. All I can say is that if we don't start taking back some of our rights here in the states, we too had better start getting used to that very idea as well.

    Obviously I am ignorant of the laws in the UK, but I do have one thought to offer.

    Personally, I see a drastic distinction between civil ceremonies, and spiritual.

    Have you given thought to two ceremonies?

    One, outdoors, to satisfy the state, then another, in church, to proclaim your commitment to one another before God, at His altar.

    (“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.”)

    Just a thought. :)
  7. Yes, we have thought about that, but we want it all to be in one. Doing the wedding in 2 parts doesn't seem right for me.
  8. I understand.

    If you don't mind my asking, does having a Non-Denominational wedding bother you?
  9. Nope. I don't see myself fitting in with a denomination anyway. I guess I don't really want that label of being a so-and-so Christian. I am Christian. Full stop. lol

    I personally don't feel that it matters where you get married, its about the promises you are making with and in front of God with your partner.

    On a little side issue, I find it interesting that within the Catholic church, you can ONLY get married in a church.

    Obviously, what I've said here is purely my own opinion and I form no judgement on anyone else and their beliefs.

    You are all my brothers and sisters :)

    ... but that doesnt mean you'll all get an invite to the wedding! :p
  10. :D

    I appreciate your response.

    I was just curious how you felt about non-denom.
  11. My son is a minister and licenced marriage officer. He is in Liverpool England.
    I have sent him an email asking for clarification and will post the result when he replies.
  12. Thanks housesitter, thats most helpful :)
  13. Wow, this does not apply on private property as well, does it?
  14. I would of thought so. It's all about it being legal. Here in the UK, as I understand it at the moment, only a civil registrar or Church of England minister can legally marry people. So, at other church weddings, a registrar needs to be present.
  15. Sheeeeesh.

    I don't suppose you can count on any relief after the November elections?

  16. Uk here, so the November elections won't effect me in that way :p

    Although, we are due a general election soon.

    We only got engaged on Tuesday, so our wedding plans are very much in the early stages! We haven't set a date yet so you never know, they may change the law here soon!
  17. OK. It seems that in Scotland the law is different so a minister can marry you in loads of places but in England and Wales a minister can marry you in their church if they are a licenced marriage officer. If they are CoE then they are automatically licenced. Non denominational are frequently not licenced so check.
    If the marriage is not in a church the civil marriage officer performs the 'legal' aspect. This is not in any way religious. But and here I am quoting:

    As the law in England and Wales stands, in order to have your Christian wedding service outside of a church:
    You must have the normal civil ceremony at your chosen venue with the registrar, the bride, groom and two witnesses just a few minutes before the main wedding/marriage blessing with your family, friends and guests in attendance.
    This standard of practice is fully acceptable with all local registrars when using licensed venues.
    The alternative is to go to the registrar office, say in the morning of the day or before your wedding day to go through the normal civil marriage requirements with the bride, groom and two witnesses, and then have your wedding/marriage blessing with the minister officiating and family, friends and guests in attendance later. The venue for your wedding can then be done anywhere, since you will have already followed the normal legal registration requirements and the vows you take with the minister will be the same as if you were in church.The above process is close to the French system, where couples must first register at the local registrar office before having their church wedding. However, at some point in the future ministers will be given the role of Appointed Persons by the General Registrar Office for conducting marriages anywhere, as opposed to how it is currently at the moment with venues and places of worship that need to be registered. Though for the time being, the Government have put their plans on hold. So the only way to effectively be married anywhere at a place of your choosing outside of a place of worship (church) must be done in conformity with the above. If you would like to find out more about this, then please feel free to give us a call.

    Hope this helps clarify things.
  18. Hi

    I live in Scotland.
    Congratulations on your engagement.
    Are you both members of a church? Have you spoken to your Pastor if you have one? Maybe he will be happy to hold the wedding outdoors. I think it is important you have a Christian wedding when you are Christian's.

    I got married in my own church of which i am a member, i am sure my Pastor would have married us and held a Christian service where we wanted. But we had it in my church as that's what we wanted.

    If i can help just ask.

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