Help!!!! My Husband Is Running From His Call.

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  1. My husband confessed to me that he has been called by God to do something in the ministry, he isn't sure if it is to reach out to others or preach, preach being the last thing he wants to do because of his lack of confidence when speaking. I have been telling my husband the last 5 years or so that I felt God had big plans for him in the ministry, and most recently I began having those same feelings again, only more intensely. We are members of a church and very active in church, my husband is just putting off and running like crazy out of fear. I've prayed my heart out about it and begged him to answer the call, whatever it may be, but he hasn't. I'm so downhearted because I know until we are in God's will nothing will work out. HELP! What do I do???
  2. I'm not sure I would say that nothing will work out. However, to neglect God's call and His gifting will surely lead to frustration. I neglected God's calling and gifting for decades. Fear, ignorance, rebellion, neglect, discouragement, and other factors all played their part at various stages. The end result being that I still have the calling and the gifting, but have lost many opportunities to develop and exercise them over the years. I find myself taking baby steps at a time when I should have long before hit my stride. Well, nothing I can do about that now but to take those baby steps.

    But this is about you and your husband, not me. Let's hope and pray your husband's story plays out differently. My first question is, does you husband understand what he is being called to? I also felt called to "big things", but the big things I envisioned early on would probably have been the wrong way to fulfill the calling. If he does understand, what is it he has been called to and what is he afraid of? What is at the core of his heart?

    Preaching is one means of reaching out to people, there are others. Conversely, preaching which does not reach out to others is, in my opinion, merely a projection of one's own ego. Effective preaching is a result of having a clear message, practice, and having a clear purpose. These things also help to overcome the fear. The message and the purpose give you a firm foundation on which to speak, and the practice helps you become more confident by simply getting you used to being the focus of attention.

    Now, as to what you can do. Be an encouragement to him. Affirm him in his calling and heart's desire. Do not nag him or criticise him for his reluctance and hesitation, this will only help him to feel even more inadequate. Continue to pray diligently for him and trust God that He will work in your husband's life.
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  3. Just be careful is my advice. The devil and our ego are known for sending us chasing pies in the sky.
    If we love the Lord we are very likely exactly where He wants and needs us.

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