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  1. I am a very musical person and while searching for articles concerning Christian music i found many articles stating very bizarre things about music. Please note this is not a debate on musical genre thread.

    One Article said it is sinful to Bob your head or clap or move your body in any motion while listening to music or you're worshipping Satan.

    Another article said that any song not written in the C major scale/key is of satanic origin.

    Another article suggested that all Christians carry portable metronomes on them because any song above a certain bpm is inviting demonic forces into your soul.

    But out of all of these i found the most common thing was that back beats are evil. What is a back beat? Think of a drummer hitting his snare drum 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4
    A back beat is stressing the second and fourth beat. So it would be, one TWO three FOUR, like this.

    So many articles claimed this was satanic but went into no detail as to why. Only two articles i found states that it is evil because African tribes that dance around fire pits use similar drum pattern and therefore we are practicing witch craft. But don't these same tribes drink water? Does that mean by drinking water i am worshipping the devil?

    I have no idea why people think these things are evil in music. There's no reference in the scripture about topics like these. I don't understand how the rhythm of a song can be satanic, that's like saying Christians can't like the color blue because it can represent sadness.

    What are your rights on this?
  2. Do not listen to any of that tripe! God is the God of music, and the devil has stolen it for his own purposes, which is for man to worship him and his kingdom, and he instills these stupid arguments into men's weak minds to inhibit them from glorifying God, but we as believers are free to take it back and use it in its full array of expression to bring glory to God!!!

    Go for it!
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  3. I can understand if the song had satanic lyrics but saying a rhythm or time signature or even scale used in a song is evil, i can not being to understand why. But these are other Christians saying things like this. I just find it very odd, but hey if you feel like it's wrong then by all means do not let me make you go against your conscience. I just don't see any biblical evidence to back up these claims.
  4. They may be Christians saying these things, but they are speaking out of deception and then propelling the deception forward to others. God will judge that. We owe it to God, His people, and to ourselves not to heed that kind of nonsense.
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  5. It only makes sense that there is a lot of bad music out there - after all satan was head of this before his fall. So why not fight christian against christian on this topic of music.
    On another note - there is a lot of so called music a born again believer has no bussiness even listening too.
    If the music is uplifting and loving and can edify the body of Christ then it is all good.
    Pray about it and allow God to lead you into what you allow into your mind.
    God Bless
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  6. Stick with the will never steer you wrong. For the Word of God is truth. :)
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  7. It is silliness really. I think it has to do with what they have learned crossing over with their subconscious. This is my theory:
    These people know they are saved and a child of God and therefore holy. They do not like this or that type of music or backbeat or instruments or whatever. Therefore, since these things cause such negative feelings inside of them, they then think, "This must be of the devil, because I'm holy and anything God approves of, I would like and appreciate and consider holy myself." Since they don't, it must be of the devil.
    The Bible is clear. Anything that edifies the body of Christ, the church, is acceptable and encouraged. People have differing tastes and so one kind of music may be acceptable in one church body, but not in another. Just one of the reasons for the different denominations.
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  8. As long as you ensure that when you play your music backwards it doesn't say anything satanic I think your are fine.

    Intention is everything = Christianity 101
  9. try playing christian music backwards and see what you get. The english language repeated backwards always sounds bad.
  10. My thoughts are that it is much like guns. People say that guns kill people. Not So!!!!!

    People Kill People not guns. If a man has evil in his heart, he will kill you with a soup spoon and a gun is not needed.

    Music is that way IMO. Music is not bad but when placed into the heart of someone who hates God he will make it something evil.
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  11. Best advice! (y)
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  12. Just to add.. See what Scripture says.. Search the Word of God.. You will actually find music was always part of worship.. David and Saul.. It comes to my mind.. David had to play music to keep Saul from his insanity.. In other words, the evil spirit was restrained by David's music.. There is nothing wrong in music itself.. But it is like anything.. Music is a "means" to worship God. Are we worshiping God through music or forgetting God and worshiping music itself?
  13. lol. I can believe that.
  14. That does sound like another offshoot of the great body of superstition which is designed to cloud the minds of men. I suspect at times that Satan invents these nonsensical theories partly in order to make faith seem ridiculous in the sight of unbelievers.

    Well, while there's no doubt that we ought to be discerning about what we listen to, I don't see how there could possibly be danger in a certain rhythm or beat. I'd say the lyrics are more what we should be scrutinising.

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