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Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Dusty, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Help Me Out

    In our Bible Study , we are asked to find 15 references in the Book of James that parallel " The Sermon on the Mount . "

    I actually found 21 and am going to submit them tomorrow so will let you know if they are all right .

    I am not going to put them here just yet but let you guys study too ... He he ... Dusty is giving home work now . How do you like them apples ?
  2. oh that's a fun study . i might even post some parallels from the sermon on the plain in luke for extra credit ;)
  3. Homework?
    And I thought I was finished with school!
  4. :smiley180:
    Hmmm .... Michael .... You will get ten wraps with a wet noodle for not following directions ...:smiley90: Teacher says so and don't forget , I can find you ... LOL . You live in the same town ... He he

    Just kidding ... Don't take me serious . I am in a silly mood .

  5. He he .... Always learning and stretching the mind . That way you don't get that dreaded thing called " Sometimers " Ha ha

  6. Mine is stretched about as far as it can lately.

    I thought it was 'old timers' :)
  7. :smiley190:
    You can call it oldtimers .... I call it sometimers .
  8. Hahaha! :)
  9. Hey John ... You laugh .... just wait your time is coming .... LOL .... We all have to get there and my time is mow ... So I am making the best of it .... Picking up my mat and pressing forward Yay ..... Thank you Jesus .
  10. lol!
  11. I was afraid you're going to say that! Hahaha! LOL :)

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