Help me. I'm losing my Faith...

Discussion in 'Requests for Assistance' started by Theop, May 18, 2017.

  1. Thank you Cturtle. Yes I'll starting praising and thanking Him again. I also thank Him that I found this site and found you and many other brother and sister that already have supported me. Thank you.
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  2. God brought you to this place to be encouraged because He loves you.
    And I want you to see that He directed you and you heard Him =)
    See He is paying attention to you, it's just that you have to know how He leads you, and to hear His voice when He is speaking to your spirit.

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  3. If your read the book of Job, you learn that man's afflictions are not always an indication of the judgement of God, but play a part in His plan that we may never see. In Job's case, the enemy (Satan) was saying that the only reason Job honored the Lord, was because of the blessings the Lord gave Job. The Lord allowed the enemy to test Job's faith by taking taking away what he had. Job's 'friends' argued that since the Lord is just, Job must have some iniquity, or the Lord would not act so.

    The Lord rebuked Jobs friends (but never told Job about the accusations of the enemy).

    We are all sinners. It is the willingness to admit our sin, accept the Lord's forgiveness, and school ourselves to do better in the future, either by standing up to temptation, or if we know we are not strong enough or trusting enough int the Lord's strength, than we should avoid the temptations.
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  4. It has been impressed on me that when I told you how the Lord helped me through my trials, rather than giving you practical advice, I was trying to emphasize that He never left me, and had a plan from the beginning. It is a little reminiscent of the years of plenty followed by the years of famine when Joseph, son of Jacob under God’s guidance (thru the dreams of Pharaoh). Under the leadership of Joseph, food was stored away during the times of good harvest to tide Egypt through and to allow Egypt to sell it to other countries.

    So it was with me. Many years of a good paying job gave me resources to see me through my lean years (that are still lean).


    Trying to turn to the practical advice, here are a few pointers. I would be surprised if any had not occurred to you.

    [ 1 ] The advice from all the believers in this site concerning concentrating on your spiritual life IS practical advice.

    [ 2 ] Prepare yourself for the job you think you could do well in, and has a fair market.

    In my case, I saw that my project was coming to an end. I was trying to get accepted into CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) training. I was told that I had plenty of computer background, but not enough security background, despite having coded for Army, Navy, and Coastguard in addition to having been a Pentagon Computer operator in the Sir force, and several projects that required that I incorporate advanced security features as well as interface and troubleshoot cryptographic equipment. So I enrolled on online security certificate program at University of Phoenix. It’s really an entry level program, but I thought it help me qualify. I achieved A’s in all but one course, where I achieved a B+. Then my Job went away before I could again apply for the training I really wanted.

    [ 3 ] When you get an interview, they are going to ask what you have been doing in the mean time. Looking like a deer in headlights will not help. Taking classes may help. Working outside your field may help IF you are also keeping your training current.

    [ 4 ] For a professional job, consider a job placement organization (sometimes called head-hunters). Large companies do not use them, since they have large personnel departments to do that work. Smaller companies sometimes do not have the manpower to do recruiting and winnowing and will use placement professionals. This is paid for by the hiring company (if the head-hunter ever asks for money, even in the case of successfully landing a job, then do not walk, but RUN away).

    A key career move of mine placed me in a job at a small company that became one of the foundation blocks of a successful career.

    [ 5 ] Stay active in your community. Look for volunteer opportunities. Help with school activities. If someone sees you working hard and knows you are in need of employment, you may make a connection. Scouting (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts; and other similar organizations) is good. Many scout leaders are also business leaders. Don’t forget your local church.

    In the mean time, you must eat.

    There are organizations to aid the needy. I sorted food at the food bank; I also went with a couple of trucks to distribute to those in need. It is often not enough to be the sole source, but it has to help. There are also kitchens at churches set up to minister to those in need.

    There are also programs to provide monetary assistance to those in need. Unfortunately, it can be a hassle getting into these programs, and many locations work on a voucher system and when all the vouchers are gone they turn people away. It allows the state/county/whatever to say they have a generous program to help the poor but shields them from having to deal with the actual magnitude of the problem

    They can also be difficult to navigate. I can remember at the grocery store when a young mother was trying to buy food for her baby with food-stamps. There are apparently very strict guidelines. Sew could be a jar of peas. She could buy a jar of carrots. A Jar of peas & carrots was not allowed. Lots of stuff like that. I offered to pay for her purchase, but she would not hear of it. She just wanted to understand the system.
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  5. Thank you Brother Siloam. I feel very grateful that you already put so much care with me. I will follow your advice. May God always bless you and your family.
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  6. Dear Brother Theop,
    I hope this will uplift you. After reading your testimony over and over, and the replies from FC Jim, CTurtle, CoffeeDrinker, Inquiring Mind, Siloam and GodBe4Me, you just signed up and I could see you have already been given the Lord's LOVE of your new friends from across the miles to you and your family. I don't know whats going to happen from here, but I truly believe our God brought you here to open up which is a good thing, brother. Thank you for your honesty and this could be the beginning of releasing all that weight from your heart, and the amazing way God works in all of us may be the new path of delivering you and your beloved family.

    I believe God blessed you with new friends here, including me and my wife who already love you, Theop. I wish we could get a cup of coffee (eh, CoffeeDrinker) and just talk and fellowship. I have all the faith that God is going to raise you to something awesome, something better, in His time. In the meantime, love your wife, children and parents.

    You also bless us, Theop, so please continue to share and pray for us too, ok? You and your family are in my prayers daily as God has already gone ahead of you.
    God bless you and thank you, Theop.
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  7. Thank you Brother Bob. Hope this adversity won't last any longer. Coz I don't have much left in the bank to endure. I really hope a windfall could really help in my situation. Also this GAD is so horrible (have a bad attack this morning almost can't breathe).

    Been praying for you and thank you for all of bro and sis on this site that already prayed for me.
  8. Praying for sure ....but you need to put All Your Trust In Him
    Dig in His Word and find out how He wants you to live.
    Then put all your strength into trusting Him and His Word and begin to learn how to walk upright before Him.
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  9. Hello brother Theop;
    Please watch the YouTube of this great song God Will Make A Way. Its in the key of G on your guitar. My wife Hazel and I remember the first time we heard this worship song in church by Don Moen in 1995. It was from the CD God With Us. This song actually ministered to us during a stormy time in our marriage and how it brought us back to Christ. Praise Him!

    It was also a time when we didn't have the internet. FC Jim is displaying the song on an early computer, a chalkboard with big letters! lol!

    Thanks, FC Jim!

    God bless you, Theop, and may His wonderful peace be with you and your family.

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  10. Theop
    Just checking in to see how you are doing. Praying an abundance of blessings and peace your way

    God bless!
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  11. Often our time here on earth becomes difficult. Adversity sometimes seems all around us, and if we allow it, we can fall into the trap of blaming God or thinking that He has forsaken us. Sometimes God is silent for good reason. In my life, His silence has been there to strengthen my faith in Him. Hard as it is when things are not going right, I try to count my blessings. I am always surprised that when I try, there are still many blessings to count, but I have let my focus on the negative events to eclipse the good things in my life. And with those blessings I have been able to turn to God and praise Him for what He has blessed me with. I always think of Job during those times - how he never lost faith in God no matter how terrible his life became. My hope for myself and for every Christian is to be able to find the strength to praise the Lord regardless of what circumstances our lives are in. It has taken me many lessons, but the worse my situation becomes, the more I turn to God to rely on his strength to carry me through. Even from times of terrible darkness, despair, and desolation, God stands by for us to lean on Him. Sometimes He is all that we have left to rely on. Perhaps that is precisely the point.
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  12. Reading through this thread I am reminded of a series I had sat through.
    Here is a few second recap.

    When a baby cries a parents will run to see to their cry.
    As they grow a little parents are a little slower to run to see to their cries.

    The day comes when parents expect the child to do things for themselves even though they still love them and will attend unto their needs.

    It's the same with God.
    As new borns and babies He is right there and Allows us to know He is there.

    As we grow in Christ He Expects us to walk according to His Word and Ways.
    Faith is what pleases God.

    So as grown Christians, cry and complain and throw tantrums instead of Faith it's Just like a 30 year old sitting in diapers screaming for their parents to come dress them and feed them and so forth.

    I know that sounds silly, but in all truth there comes a day when we need to lose the Spiritual Pampers and Believe God's Word to the point we Trust Him Totally without question and Act Like It.
    That's Called Living By Faith which Pleases the Father.
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  13. When we are anxious, it may be helpful to remember what Charles Spurgeon said:

    "Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength".
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  14. I'm still okay sister Cturtle. Thank you for your praying. Right now I'm trying to apply to other company to find a better paying job. Everyday I download video of preaching to keep my faith up. And also listened to song "God will make a way" Recommended by brother bobinfaith.
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  15. Watched it. Like it! thank you brother bobinfaith.
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  16. Awesome job! We will be praying for your new job.
  17. Thank you sister Egraine. Yes I know His silence is for a reason. This morning I watched Nick Vujicic Preaching Video. Some of his word said that "God silence for a reason" He didn't give him answer when Nick asked to God "What my future will be without arms and legs?" "He did this to see faith in you. To trust Him although you cannot sees what is ahead" "Imagine if God told me (Nick) that I will be speaking over 27 countries and many peoples in the world. I will be shocked!"

    Right now I have nothing. I'll surrender everything to God (Even my hands trembling and my leg shaking). Trust Him that he had A PLAN for me.
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  18. Thank you FC Jim. Yes I perceived my self that way too. I need to grow in faith. My faith can't just the way it used to be. I feel that all I can do right now is just trust Him. He's not answering is for a reason. I watched video from Michael Chriswell "Trusting God in the Storm" and "When God is Silent" His adversity is much much worse than mine. I learned that God helps us in many ways that sometime we cannot think of. I have no choice but to trust Him. Like you said crying and throw tantrums won't do anything.
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  19. You Got that Right Brother !
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  20. Now that my Brother sounds like some one who is not far off from rising up.
    Keep on keeping on
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