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  1. Hi, is there a scripture that can help me with the following "problem" I have. My husband does not have the same view on material possessions that I do. I feel that possessions are a gift/blessing from God and should be looked after so that these things can last a long time and we don't have to buy new things all the time to replace them and also so we don't waste money either. I can find scripture that speaks about worshipping idols, storing up treasures in heaven and so forth but nothing that supports my belief. I don't think I place things above people and God but I know I do expect visitors to respect my property and get I upset if they don't. Am I wrong then? Is it wrong for me to want my goods to remain in a good condition? Thanks!
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    it's difficult to cite a scripture first as it may not be appropriate or it maybe exaggerated.....

    Noted the one in red "don't think place things above people" and am thinking of "valid reason" to get upset : )

    there is this legal term called: “ordinary care” or “ordinary diligence” ....
    the care that an average reasonable man exercises to prevent harm to the person or property of others and failure to exercise which when under a duty to do so constitutes actionable negligence on the part of one causing such harm

    The degree which men of ordinary prudence generally exercise.

    having cited that, say, one borrow a can opener or a metal saw…..

    the borrower is expected to exercise that: ordinary care or ordinary diligence….
    unless there is special agreement, that one is suppose to give extra or specific form of care….

    Thus: if a thing borrowed gets broken AND YET with our own judgment we see that it was used with ordinary care or diligence, I think there is no VALID reason to get upset.., well yeah, one can get upset for a while but it should be not for long, considering it was borrowed and used with ordinary care/diligence...

    If the borrower does not exercise that diligence, that will be another topic….

    if one does not want to lend things because one is afraid that another one will not exercise care, that will be another topic….

    if the borrower exercise that ordinary care, diligence, and yet the thing got broken, and yet the lender continues to get upset, that will be another topic....

    just a thought : )
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  3. Sjoe! I see your point(s) and I am pausing for thought :D. Thank you for highlighting the different elements involved. Note to self: "grow little seed, grow".
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  4. Lee Ann Hello,
    Here are a few things I have come to learn and helped me very much.
    Wow do I ever grasp where you are coming from here.
    YES it is always a good thing to take care of the things God gives us - even if they are starting to not be so good any more.

    If "Things" take a higher priority then God or People then you do risk the chance of falling into covetousness and you do not ever want to do this.

    Materialisum or listic or iffy giffy are hand me downs from the ReLiGiOuS realm.
    They claim we are not to have nice things and being poor is humble........That is totally opposed to the written word of God.

    Scripture tells us
    He gives us "Richly" All Things to Enjoy.....1 Timothy 6:17 ...Now Watch This
    He then tells us to Not Love The Things Of This World....1 John 2:15-17

    In those two lines we can see God wants us to have Good things. He gives us All Things to Enjoy.........His only deal is to NOT Love these things........

    God is Love........We love God.........We love His word.....We love People
    We Enjoy things............Sister I enjoy Boats and Fishing more then most ever could think to enjoy...........I Enjoy - enjoying RICHLY enjoy enjoying these things..........They just dont come first or take priority in my life.

    People run into problems when Stuff has them...........God gives you a new car........a month later you feel moved to give the car to a struggling couple. You know it is God but hey I worked hard for this car and it is mine and I am sorry they need one.........Now that is where one falls into material anythingisum..... ;) Stuff has them or is of more importance......

    I hope this helps you out some here as it set me free.
    God Bless
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  5. Oh I do love the answers I am getting! YES it does help .... and your example about the struggling couple :giggle: .... Enjoy the fishing!
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  6. No. Luke 16:12 And if ye have not been faithful in that which is another man's, who shall give you that which is your own?
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  7. Goodness - thank you! I've just read through Luke 16 and the whole chapter is remarkable.

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