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  1. Hello fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

    I am looking for anyone in the Los Angeles area, or people who know others in the Los Angeles area, specifically in the field of higher education (university, community college, online college, etc). I have been unemployed since March - 2015. I am looking to secure a position as an academic advisor. If you or know anyone that could help me in this matter, that would be greatly appreciated. Please PM me for more info if you can help. If not, I ask that you please pray that God put me in a job to further His will and witness/be a shining example to others.

    Thank you,

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  3. Thank you for the link. I'll for sure be in prayer regarding my attendance. Their career fair looks to have companies who sell life insurance dominating the employer pool and I'm probably the worst salesman ever! There are some other companies I haven't heard of before though. We'll see where God leads me. Thanks again!
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    In addition to the free training, prayer support, resume mentorship, career fairs, etc... they have a private online job board only available to people who attend the weekly orientation meeting and sign up for it. I suggest you do as those leads are a result of personal networking.

    Those leads are NOT like the job postings at monster, etc... which enormous numbers of people apply for and never ever obtain the job.

    I also highly recommend you do the LinkedIn seminar. It's a winner.

    And the Saddleback Career Ministry is free. It was entirely free when I went through it a few years ago. In the end, I was offered a job but decided to try self-employed. Best wishes.

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