Help-computer is junk!!~!

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by pattycake, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Help-computer is junk!!~!

    How do I get rid of Active x pop ups and error on the poage thangys?
  2. Please help me?-I bought this used laptop and payed major bucks for it-and now-I want to trash can it!!!~!!:rolleyes::mad::D
  3. Oh thank you-I will try that!!!~!:)
  4. So-I run the program-Active X still keeps on popping up sometimes multiple times-I have inherited beaucoup promlems with this laptop!!~!
  5. Pattycake: Sometimes when an Active X pop up comes on the screen, the Actve X protocol for whichever website you are visiting is not supported by the Active X version (or lack of it) in your PC.

    From a TECH standpoint, you may wish to read the question and engineering reply located in the URL below. This MAY assist you, but follow the instructions to the letter before going through the procedure...

    ActiveX pop-up. - Tech Support Guy Forums
  6. If that does not help try using system restore to a date earlier than when the problems appeared or contact Microsoft.
  7. ...... and if THAT doesn't work ( why do I get the impression that Microsoft has 'issues' with their software?? :eek: ) ...

    ... Then just go to the site below and download the most recent FIREFOX BROWSER. That will eliminate the Active X issue because it has it's own internal decoder that replaces the (MSN) Active X protocol as used in the IE 6 and IE 7 browsers.

    Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable
  8. That is a great suggestion Pastor Gary. Firefox is a great replacement for the IE browser and so far I have had zero trouble with it.
  9. :)Well-thanks-I will try them!!~!
  10. Okay-it said contaminated files-and that I could not download firefox-stupid pc!!~!
  11. :)-I know-I just should not get so aggravated-I bought it at a used business machine company-guess I'll take it back and let THEM fix it!!~!-:D
  12. They said 30 days guarantee!!!
  13. And if that doesn't work send me a message on here and I may be able to take that piece of junk off your hands
  14. No darlin'- I paid $225 dollars for it and it is 8 years old-used- no telling what the former owner did to it!!~!!
  15. It seemed to work alright at the store-but get it home-all these problems-pop up- literally!!~!
  16. That is typical but I am an IT professional by trade so I am positive I could fix it but hey $225 not bad for a laptop if you can get it to work :)
  17. I think -I'll try to get it fixed-I haven't had it but about 10 days
  18. I would reccomend reloading windows. Probably your best bet at this point.
  19. Was it broken when you got it? If not did you download any new software in it?

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