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  1. hello!

    Hi, guys. You may know me as cool1.t35.com from the t35 forums. (Afterthought how did you rise to power so quickly? lol). I a Muslim and ready to debate! I also hope to show you some stuff i have discovered. Anyway let us all hang out and have fun! Big smile: :-D
  2. Hi cool1 ;) , yea i did browse through your forums and the site :p . you are welcome to debate only in the debate area 'Friendly debates - Christianity vs the Rest'. thats just too keep out any future conflicts.

    have fun
  3. Hey cool1! Lol I became a moderator pretty quick...I just applied!

    How did you find this forum?

    P.S. I never knew you were Muslim! I knew you made a site on Islam...but that was it!
  4. it is more of a site on all religons but with Islam in the spotlight!

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