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  1. Hello

    Hi! fellow brothers and sisters! To tell you the truth, I was little skeptical about "Christian Forum". After all, why go to forum and discuss all the matters when you have your own brothers and sisters in your church? But after reading some of the posts, I immediately recognized the need for this forum. I realized some things are better to be discussed with someone you don't know. Maybe you have some issues that are heavy laden on your soul and need to vent it out. Can't do that with your church member. Not always.....You might be too close to the person or group. And sometimes if you let your secret out to one soul, next thing you know is everyone in your church will talk about it next Sunday. For that, this is the perfect place. Although we do not see each other, the spirit is leading us into oneness and with all the discussions and prayers for each other, ultimately all the glory goes to God. Goooood deal!! Having said that, I am thrilled to be a member in this forum.:D:D Thank you!!
  2. I am thrilled to have you here and Welcome!!!

  3. Welcome to the forum! I agree, this is a great place to discuss things with fellow Christians that you may not feel comfortable talking about in your local church. Also, there are people here from all types of denominations and walks of life, so lots of unique perspectives and great insights.
  4. Jesusistheonlyway.

    May God bless you for the way you reason. I find the Internet a good place to unload. I have never been in a Christian forum before. I am still learning. I could not post to you for some reason but I decided to hit "quote" and post that way. Where there is a will, there is a way.:jesus-cross:
  5. Welcome to the forum.
    You will soon find that we are a mixed bunch of Christians from all over the world. Not in any way a substitute for your church but still a place for great fellowship and loads to chat about.
  6. Let God bless you and your family!
  7. Hi JITOW- welcome to the family!
  8. JITOW we can edify, build up and pray for each other as we grow in His grace. As Housesitter said we are not a substitute for your local church body- but we are part of your family in Christ!
  9. Thanx for your warm welcome.:)

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