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  1. Hello

    Hello, just introducing myself, im new here. My names David, 17, and I love the Lord with all of my heart, soul, and mind. Glad to join yall :)
  2. Hi David,:welcome:

    You are very welcome.

    I feel sure that you will be both blessed and a blessing.

  3. Welcome David. It is always a blessing to see young people Walking With The Master! :dance:
  4. Welcome to CFS! I hope you find the site as blessed as I have! If you need anything that I can help with feel free to PM me. God Bless!:preach:
  5. thank yall, I appreciate all the welcomes
  6. hi welcome m8.:D
  7. David, Welcome to CFS. Make yourself comfortable. Grab a seat.
    Will someone get the snacks please.
  8. :welcome:
  9. Hi, David!:)
    That's wonderful you are here!
    Welcome! :israel:

    God bless you!!!

  10. Hi Dave - welcome, I have been waiting to see when you might pop up- Take your time and browse the forums- plenty of interesting stuff here- and plenty of different point of views- many blessings- brother Larry

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