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  1. Hello!

    Hello everyone, i'm new to this. My name's Jacob and i really hope to make some amazing friends. Peace. I love Jesus!:dance:
  2. hey jacob welcome i just got here 2 but im a girl :p every1 seem rly nice here and i hope u fell realy welcome and the light nad love of jesus chrits fills u from within 2 make u shine

    have a fish :fish:LOL
  3. aww, thank you. that means alot. i hope i fit in:rolleyes:
  4. WELCOME,Jacob!!!
    Very nice to meet you~
  5. Jacob, welcome to our community. We are bunch of nice Christian friends. Feel free to chat with any one. :)
  6. Thank you everyone, you have made me feel so welcomed!! :D
    I look forward to getting to know you all.
  7. By the way, i apologise for all the (dumb) questions in advance. I don't get much of a chance for discussion at home and i really would like some answers.


  8. Hi and welcome. I am sure that you will soon feel right at home. As for the dumb questions a friend of mine says, and I quote,
    There is no such thing as a stupid question....but they are the easiest to answer.
    If you have genuine questions then they are not dumb and I am sure you will find loads of people on the forum happy to help.
  9. Hi, Jacob!

    It's so nice you are here!


    God bless you!
  10. hello -welcome

    what a friend we have in Jesus! and He is in us all that are saved. So welcome friend.:dance:
  11. Welcome Be With You
  12. Hi and welcome

  13. hello

    even if you bring you to it, Gods grace and mercy will bring you through it! so in all things, God will never leave nor forsake you, so in all things, thank God!:liturgy:
  14. Hi Jacob and welcome here :)

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