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  1. I was born in London, England. Everyday school day started with a mini church service. Every night when television shut down, a minister gave an epilogue. So my philosophy was England is a Christian nation, I'm English therefore I'm a Christian. In 1969 some friends and I loaded up a Land Rover and headed to the Hindu Kush to climb. Due to accident in Austria we were too late to climb. We came into contact with a Medical team who wanted volunteers to drive their trucks over 120 miles of dirt road, a 10,000 foot high pass and maybe a couple of feet of snow. So of course we volunteered! On the first trip in everything had been carefully checked. We reached the pass and all the snow chains fitted except on my truck. Then an empty Afghan truck appeared and we offloaded my truck. So everyone went on to the hospital and I returned to Kabul. Eventually I'm taking a truck to the hospital, I have an Afghan mechanic on board, it's Ramadan so every hour I have to stop so the mechanic can pray towards Mecca. As we drive, the passenger window slips into the door. Around mid-night the mechanic yells STOP, STOP. So I stop, stop, the mechanic is standing by the back wheel saying bad, bad. I walked over and all the studs had sheared. So the mechanic fixed the window and we spent the night in the cab. The next morning he fixed the wheel, I drove to Bamiyan and unloaded and headed back to Kabul. That night a Youth for Christ singing team sang. By the third night I saw they had something I needed and said the sinner's prayer. The next morning I was told to pack a bag as I was flying to Bamiyan to fix a vehicle and go to the hospital. Eventually, I being gung ho for the Lord went and saw the pastor, having heard of confirmation I got myself confirmed. After returning to England I attended church, but dropped out after a few weeks because it was boring. Then someone from Kabul would come to London and I would go and hear them. I returned to church for a few weeks and then drop out. Then a teacher wrote and said she was coming through London on her way home to the U.S. on furlough. I wrote back and said I would meet her at Heathrow and take her to where she was staying. I didn't own a car, but worked for a car dealer and was told I could use the loan car. The car didn't arrive till 6:30pm, the plane was due at 8:00pm. At 8:00pm I phoned the airport and was told the plane was delayed an hour. I was waiting at the gate when Martha arrived, she had not received my letter and was not expecting to see me. An angel phoned Zurich airport and stated a bomb was on the plane. The plane made an emergency landing and Martha stood on the tarmac for an hour whilst the plane was searched. That weekend I gave Martha the whirlwind tour of London and decided she was very attractive. I took her to Heathrow without saying anything, went home and tried getting a phone number, but to no avail. A few days latter I received a letter from her, wrote back subtly trying to find out how she felt about me. Received a letter back stating Yes she would marry me. So I went back to church, got myself baptized and have been in church ever since. Attended Bible school, taught in Christian school, and went India as a missionary.

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  2. [​IMG] to CFS. That was a wonderful testimony and congratulations on the marriage. We look forward to fellowship with you.
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  3. Welcome to cfs,
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    Again Welcome to cfs
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  4. Welcome Robin to cfs. So glad that you could join us. Praying that your time here will be blessed and encouraging.

    Thank You for sharing your testimony. God certainly has been with you from the beginning... Glory to God.

    Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance pc7096-welcome-to-our-church-logo-postcard-welcome-your-new-visitors-YCiDwk-clipart.jpg
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  5. Great testimony and welcome to CFS!
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  6. wow

    what an awesome testimony

    God Bless you and your precious family my friend
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  7. Hello Robin; What an amazing testimony! I wanted to share with you and our friends that we lived in Huntingdon and Hartford, both north of London as a boy in 1964 - 1965. My parents wanted my siblings and me to attend English school
    as an educational experience. During 2nd grade the whole school prayed every morning, during lunch and especially during the school assemblies when the "headmaster" would speak. I was blessed in England and have very good memories.

    Robin, there are parts of the world I have always wondered about, places you have been and the circumstances that crossed your path. Praise God for your path that led you and your future wife to meet. I enjoyed your post.

    God bless you, Limey!
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  8. Hi Robin... Great intro and welcome to CFS! Glad you joined us!
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  9. Hello Robin. I love your testimony. This sort of thing is why I've learned not to call happenstances 'coincidences' any more, but rather 'Godincidences'. It is so wonderful to see God's hand at work in our everyday lives.

    Welcome to the forum. I hope to hear more from you on the posting boards.

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  10. Welcome!! :D
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