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  1. My name is Jonathan Gardner and I am 67 years old and I live in a nursing home.
    I came from a mainline denominational church Episcopalian.
    I had no siblings.
    I went to church and Sunday school.
    I was born and raised in the midwest near Chicago.
    I came from an unstable home my parents were both mentally ill so I lived with my grandparents most of my childhood and into my teens I had asthma and I wound up in Denver Colorado at a hospital which just happened to be Jewish.
    Eventually, I surrendered my life to Christ
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  2. Welcome Sir to CFS
    We are blessed having you as Brother in Christ and a part of this forum.
    Thank you for sharing of your testimony with us. God is Awesome and sure does love us.

    As you begin to look around the forum, please review the following and Familiarize yourself with them . This will help you to have a safe and joyful time here in the forum.

    1. Forum Policies and Procedures
    2.Topics which May Not Be Discussed in the open forum.

    Again Welcome to cfs and if you have any questions or issues with the forum Please feel free to contact a moderator or helper and we will do what we can to help.

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  3. welcome_y-b9159cad68a22aadf2af024fb54f8ec4.jpg

    So Blessed that you could join us. We look forward to fellowshipping with you

    God bless you abundantly!
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    Welcome Jonathan E Gardner to CFS!
    It's a joy to have you here and we look forward to fellowship with you.
    (You know what I ain't even mad about not being first to reply. Over here in Malaysia this was posted at 3:10 AM so unless I could've accessed CFS in my sleep, I was at a clear disadvantage. :p Just wait until someone closer to my timezone posts and watch me be first FCJ and Cturtle.) :cool:
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  6. So are you up early or really late? :)
  7. Welcome Jonathan!! :D
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  8. Dear Brother thanks for the warm welcome and I am partial to dogs but cats have a mind of their own.
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  9. Definitely didn't stay up late, but it's not that early here either; it's already 10 AM. I guess since I am on holiday that would be considered early? ;)
  10. Yikes.... I misread your post :( I thought it was 3 am right now your time... silly me :)
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  11. Hahaha well then it's a good thing I chose a dog picture. I'm more of a cat-person(I still do like dogs) and so I don't have that many dog pictures. I think God made me save that one just for you. ;) I'll be sure to find more pictures with dogs, to use when I'm conversing with you brother. :LOL:
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  12. So just out curiosity, what time is it there where you are? (It's 10.30 AM here) :)
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  13. It is 12:25 am right now. But it looks like it was 10:30 pm when you asked :)
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  14. So we're just about 12 hours apart, meaning I am on the other side of the world to you(pretty awesome). :D
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  15. Fun fact: While all you guys are comparing time and time zones, did you know that the current 'time' system originates in Greenwich,England. There is actually a spot (a metal circle in the ground) where you can stand (I have and it's awesome) where all our 'time' is measured from.


    So...hello Jonathon E Gardner, it's 1:20pm here in the UK.
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  16. Hi Annie! Yes, I did learn about the Greenwich meridian in geography back in school. I've forgotten much, but I know there's also the international date line which is directly opposite the Greenwich line and it is the marker to the beginning of a new day(on the calendar). Pretty neat stuff. (y)

    Btw, it's 8.35 PM here now(for comparison).
    So it would seem Annie, that you're about equidistance from Cturtle and I. :LOL:
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  17. LOL, it's crazy, but at least I know that you're having dinner, while I've just eaten lunch:love:
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  18. Let's not forget Cturtle who's just gotten out of bed and is now having breakfast! :ROFLMAO:
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  19. (y)Good morning CT!!!
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  20. Welcome to CFS!
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