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  1. Hi everyone! I'm been a Christ-follower since being a teenager and growing up in a Christian home. I'm excited to experience Christian discussion and fellowship here. Glad God led me here! :)
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  2. Welcome StephMC to cfs! Its good to have you apart of our fellowship.

    When you get the opportunity, Please head onorth over to review your welcome pack, and also review the topics that cannot be discussed. This will ensure your time here will be pleasant and productive.

    If you happen to need anything please feel free to pm any moderator or helper who will do their best to assist you.

    Welcome again
    Abundant kingdom Blessings to you!
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  3. Hello and welcome to the site.
    I'm pleased to see you here; I'm sure you will find the members here to have a wealth of knowledge that you will find useful.
    God certainly has guided you in the right direction; this is a friendly Christian forum site that prohibits arguments or heated debates; we are merely here to discuss the wonders of Jesus and the Bible.
    I hope to see you around the forums soon. :)
  4. Welcome Stephen to cfs !
    Blessed to know you are willing to follow God's leading. It's those who are Obedient and Faithful in the little things who not only will be given more but will continue to hear His voice and clearly see their next step.
    Blessings and Have a Blessed 2017
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  5. Welcome! :D
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  6. Welcome to CFS!!! We are glad you joined. We look forward to fellowship with you.

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