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  1. Hello brethren, I am a christian male in college who is 21 and is looking for advice and spiritual growth so I joined here and I thank you all for accepting me!
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  2. Hello Daisetsuu,

    Welcome to the forums!
    This is an excellent platform and the members here, including staff, are very kind.
    I am sure you are going to have as much fun as I am here.
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  3. Welcome Brother to CFS.
    We are pleased to have you here and looking forward to the fellowship one with another.

    If you have not yet please read through CFS forum policies and procedures for these will be beneficial in aiding you throughout your time at CFS and ensuring your time will be a joyful more productive time.

    If you have any questions or issues please pm a staff member and we will help out any way we can.

    Again Welcome to CFS Daisetsuu
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  4. Welcome Daisetsuu to cfs!

    Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance!
  5. Hello there any welcome to our lovely community of Christians. :)

    You're in for a lot of fun! You will:

    • Laugh
    • Think
    • Discuss
    • Study
    • Read
    • Cry - yes you will...we have some sad stories and heartbreaking stories :cry:
    You can still cry with joy though and that what we want (y)

    I know you're itching to get involved and probably are bored by reading this, for that reason I'll shut up and let you explore.
    If you need anything, feel free to start a thread here.

    Have fun! ;)
  6. Welcome! :D
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  7. Welcome and enjoy your stay in Christ :)

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