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  1. Hi I am Mike R., thanks for having me.
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  3. Welcome to CFS, Noblemen/Mike!

  4. Welcome :D (I can't top Euphemia's hello) ;)
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  5. Welcome Mike R. Blessings to you!
  6. Welcome Mike; it would appear Pastor Gary has beaten me with the links. :)

    Welcome to CFS, I'm sure you'll settle in with our friendly members, however should you have any tickling questions, please PM any moderator.

    Once again, welcome aboard.
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  7. Greetings Mike,
    Welcome aboard and make your self at home. You will find plenty of good fellowship with God loving brothers and sisters in here. Don't hesitate to ask the staff for help or instructions for they are always a blessing to wortk with.
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  8. Thank you Jim
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  9. Hello and welcome!

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