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  1. My name is John
    I live in Virginia
    I have been a Christian since my senior year in High School, and am now almost eligible for Social Security.

    I have had Christian training and bible study through several denominations, mostly on the more fundamental side, but I have rejoiced with brothers with other viewpoints. Much of my life has been spent away from formal churches, but I have always had an active prayer life and studied the Bible, and been both challenged and blessed by books concerning aspects of Christian life.

    Like most, I have had, and continue to have personal challenges. In looking back, the most hardest challenges created the greatest blessings, even though there were many tears along the way.
    I am looking forward to being a member and hope to be a blessing as well as receive blessings.

    I love pointed quotes. I will close with one that is admittedly taken out of context, but is applicable to a Bible study board:

    When puzzled, it never hurts to read the primary documents.
    -- Stephen Jay Gould
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  2. Welcome to CFS.
    I'm sure you'll settle in quickly.
  3. John, good to have you join this site! I enjoyed reading your introductory hello--the information as well as your writing style. I perceive wisdom. Well done!
  4. Welcome to CFS! looking forward to learning from your experiences :D
  5. Greetings, John. I think you'll like it here.
  6. Welcome John, may the Lord richly bless your time here!

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