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  1. Hello to all! I am new here. I have recently found God and Jesus again! I had fell away from God, I have always believed in my heart but over the last couple years I have had alot of struggles and tried getting thru them alone. About a month ago I had a heart felt talk with God. Ever since then I have had more peace in my heart, I happier, I have truly learned to forgive myself and others that have hurt me. God has given me a peace I have needed for so long. I give thanks and praise to my boyfriend for helping me get closer to God and Jesus!
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  2. Hello and welcome Melanie, God bless you! ;)
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  3. Wecome! God bless!
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  4. Welcome here!!
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  5. Thank you! And God Bless you!
  6. May u have a blessed day!
    God is good!
  7. Hi OP, welcome to the club
  8. Hello Melanie what a great story and well done to the boyfriend. I hope you enjoy yourself here on CFS, you'll have some great fellowship and learn new things. You'll find most are really trustworthy and approachable so don't be afraid to ask any questions to any of us including me, I'd be more than happy to help.....

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