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  1. Hi to all at CFS! It's good to be here.
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  2. Hi and welcomer
  3. Hello and welcome! Grace be to you and peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.
  4. hi, welcome brother
  5. Haaalllllllooooooo! That's my English accent.
    In my own accent and personality, I would say, "Hi!" with a wide smile.
    I used to have a Mississippi accent.
    Then a Minnesota accent.
    I miss the Minnesota accent; I have no accent at all anymore. How boring.
    And that's way more than you wanted to know!!! :D
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  6. Hi and welcome to CFS!
  7. Happy to welcome the Phoneman!

  8. Happy to welcome the Phoneman!

  9. Welcome and I hope you'll enjoy CFS...
  10. Hey. Nice to have you aboard! :)
  11. Hello Patrcia and welcome, look forward to some fellowship with you in the coming weeks....

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