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  1. Hello. I am 'Darby', and I live in North Carolina. I am married, and I am involved in ministry, primarily preaching and teaching. I spend a lot of time studying the Bible, history, literature, ect. I enjoy fellowship with other believers around the scriptures.
  2. Hey ya'll...Welcome to the farm!
  3. Bienvenidos. Looking forward to your contributions.(y)
  4. Hello! Welcome to the forums! For your ministry, do you have a certain age group you work with?
  5. No, we are a fairly small body, and only have a small number of children. We have a children's church that some of the ladies teach.
  6. Oh, very nice! How long have you been doing it?
  7. On again & off again for 20 years. I was called to preach/teach, and at some point I decided that wasn't what I wanted, but I couldn't get away from it. It is a compulsion I just can't resist. I finally gave up, and I told God if he would give me an opening to do so that I would. I ended up among the Brethren and started receiving opportunities to preach and teach pretty quickly. I've decided that life is happier if one is trying to do what they feel that they are called to do.
  8. That's cool how God works :)

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