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  1. Hello, I've been a Christian now for somewhere around 2.5-3 years, but have not been to church regularly in probably 9 or 10 years (my grandparents bribed my parents into taking me when I was a kid). I finally found a local church I want to start going to, but being that I work nights and am a full time college student, it isn't like I can make more than one service a week or go to any events. I also can't realistically even make it every Sunday. I have a neurological disorder that causes a number of problems, one of which is fainting. So I sort of have to judge when I get up in the morning what kind of a day it is based on the weather, the intensity of dizziness and headaches and whatnot. I'd muscle through it for church except that if I do actually faint my driver's license gets suspended for 6 months. Even so, I'm not generally very social. I tend to get overwhelmed by multiple people being around or talking to someone when other things are going on. I'm not "shy" necessarily, I just can't handle that many things going on at once.

    Regardless, I've been reading scripture, praying and overall just trying to build the best possible relationship with God that I can over the past couple of years. I have a Christian accountability partner who has helped me greatly in recognizing where I need to reform and then actively reforming. I switched over to a Christian school (Regent) so that I would not have to feel torn between studying scripture and homework. I switched my major (already had four years in for bio) to reflect a career that I felt led to, substance abuse counseling. So really all I'm missing as of now is a Christian community. Hence me being here =) When I do go to church, I'm usually so stressed out that I barely understand what people are saying, online communication is a whole lot more effective for me. So anyway, it's nice to virtually meet you guys!
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  2. It looks that God is doing a big work in you :)

    I'm Katie and it's nice to meet you! Welcome to the forums! :)
  3. maybe you could find a home group to attend -- or start one of your own! Get some Andy Stanley DVDs and a a few friends and you are onyour way!

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