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  1. Hello. I am AdamKane. I got my username from my favorite TV show which is Mutant X. I joined this site because it looks like a wonderful community. Yes, I believe that Jesus is God.
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  2. Hi Adam Kane!! welcome to the CFS forums. Feel free to mosey a bout and get to know some of us and we you. God Bless you sir

    Chili out.
  3. Hey and welcome to CFS!!
  4. Nice to meet you :) We can be New here together.
  5. Hey AdamKane! Never saw the show Mutant X! It sounds interesting!
    Hope you enjoy it here =)
  6. Hey Hey AdamKane,

    Welcome to CFS! Look forward to seeing ya round :)
  7. Hey welcome to the site... :0

    Glad to have you aboard....

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