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  1. I am new here, and this looks like a wonderful site to learn!
    Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for bringing us together!
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  2. Hello and welcome to CFS
    its lovely to have you here :)
  3. Heyyyyyyyy!! How ya doin brotha!! My brotha from anotha motha heheheheeheh. I love sayin that. Welcome to CFS . Please dont hesitate to ask Qs. We r all here to learn bout Jesus and joke n have fun n cook n cry n hoot n hollar! Hey do u like peppers? hahahaahhehehe woooooo hoooooooo

    Chili out.
  4. Welcome, Welcome glad to have you here
  5. Hey savednsealed! :)
    Have a wonderful time here!
  6. That's an intriguing picture you have for an avatar. Is he a family relation?
  7. Welcome to CFS, nice username you got there :)...Hope you enjoy your stay here...

    God Bless
  8. No, not a relative...but I collect photos of soldiers of the Civil War, and have for many years.
    He was a Union soldier probably from the more western states, which then was maybe Illinois or Wisconsin.
    Thanks for the welcome!
  9. Nice to meet you! I'm new here too and it looks great so far!

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