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  1. Hi, I'm a newbie who wanted to stop by and wish everyone a blessed, prosperous New Year 2011:)
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  2. Welcome to Christian Forum Site Vince. I hope you like it here. Happy New Year!!
  3. Thank you same to you Peace in Christ :)
  4. I sent you an email too. :)
  5. Hi Vince!! welcome to CFS. A lot goin on here that I think you might like :) Happy New Year to you to. Stay safe out there. God Bless you

    Chili out

    ps. BTW........I like your avatar my friend :)
  6. Hi Vince - welcome to the forum and a very happy new year to you too
  7. Thank you for what I'm sure were heartfelt greetings from the moderators. I don't know if it's because I'm a male but it seems I have practically beg for compassion and prayers, my prayer request was ignored. I understand that everyone can't be on here at once but I was really hurt earlier, I'm not trying to look for pity just alittle understanding. I am physically Ill and I was hoping to have a two sided discussion on here. If I hadn't spoken up earlier, Only my first post would exist. Sorry if I'm coming across as complaining but I am just expressing how I feel. I'm shy to begin with on these forums. Just reverse the situation and I'm sure you wold have the same feelings. I'm alone the majority of the time. If I didn't have my bible I wouldn't survive because one still needs human contact online or off. If it's a case where I'm posting only to myself then this might not be the right forum. Peace in Christ.
  8. Thanks for being honest Vince. We are reading and replying but some times it takes time for us.
    Sent you another email. :)
  9. Iunderstand and Thank you. I'm not looking for special treatment just to feel as welcomed as every other member on here. "Through HIM all things are possible" .
  10. Happy New Year Vince and welcome to the forum!!
  11. Thank you Precious, I see you limit who views your profile, Very welcoming. Happy New Year God Bless and with that I wish the best of luck but when one regular member says hello and a girl who Is going to Bible school soon doesn't reply to a question on the prayer thread it's time to say adios and may the LORD Be with you. Jeff and JG you acted like true caring Christians but you can't always be online and I understand. I received a survey through email , Tell every older member to greet a newbie because if you can't act welcoming caring in that way, Knowing your bible inside out doesn't mean a thing. Peace in Christ, Vince :)
  12. Hey Vince! :)
    So sorry you felt that way! :( I didn't even see your posts until later, but it's because I've been very busy! Life has been very stressful over here in NY :p
    Anyways, if you have felt that I have ignored you on purpose, I am genuinely very sorry! That was not my intent and I would never ignore someone on purpose! That is not how I am. So I do apologize if you felt like I ignored you on purpose! Like I said, I didn't see your posts until much later!

    I sent ya a conversation (sorta like an email!) Hope ya got it!

    Be blessed and have a wonderful day :) :) :) :)


    I'm assuming that was directed towards me :p lol.
    Maybe you could create a new thread in the Prayer Request section of this forum? And then I would probably see it better :) :) :) :)

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