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  1. Hello

    Hello im new here.
    A bit about me:im 44,married..3 children(had 4..but our eldest died 2 years ago..she was 16).She was disabled.we recently found out that both our boys have Aspergers and the youngest adhd.Our little girl seems fine!!
    I was a satanist for over 30 years.I gave my life to Christ in 2007.
    I have backslidden many times...to the point where i was convinced that i had lost my salvation totally..renouncing God etc.
    But i realise the truth that if you are truly saved you can NEVER be taken from Gods hand.
    I wont go into detail about the things that hapend when i back slid..but they were blasphemous and abhorrent..but when one has the Holy spirit inside..then eventually you cannot but repent.Not ,i found,because i was scared of what might hapen if i didnt repent...but because i was convicted of how much i had hurt the very one who died for me..who died for me even though i was soaked in sin.
    on this journey i am constantly amazed at Gods love and patience.
    Hes no pushover!He lets me go to a point...rock bottom i guess..but Hes never left me..Hes just waiting to take me back.
    I think having kids of my own helps so much...with their disabilities/problems..it hurts so much a s a parent to see.I just want to fix it all for them
    How much more must gods heart break when he sees His children suffer?Even when its self inflicted?
    Anyway...its still a battle.A contentious issue i know..but i am receiving deliverance for lingering demonisation.
    Some people dont believe thats possible in a Christian..but i emphasise..its demonisation NOT possession.Demonic spirits in the flesh if you will.
    anyway..ive gone on a bit there!
    It is good to be here.Please be patient with me!LOL!
    Yours in Christ.
  2. Welcome to CFS English,

    Seen some pretty crazy skies also .

    hope you are well .
  3. Thanks for the welcome Dusty.
    have read and now re read the links:)
  4. Welcome to CFS
  5. Welcome to the site, English :)
    If you look around, we have members here who have also been satanists, but by the grace of God, they are now Christians :)
    I'm so sorry about the loss of your daughter :( Must not have been easy.
  6. Thank u.no it wasnt easy;but she had a "good" death..painless and at peace.and she left a wonderful legacy.she was a Christian and it was after her death that i thought more and more about eternity and where *i* was going to end up.a few months after she died ,both our boys asked Jesus to be Lord of their lives.
    we still praying for my husband:)
  7. That's quite awesome :) :) :) :)
    And keep having faith. Keep praying for your husband. Don't lose heart.
  8. Welcome to CFS English!
  9. Hi English my friend!!

    Hey that was a brave testimony. I am so glad you turned to GOD. Stik around here for a while and get fed the TRUTH of our Lord Jesus. I take my hat off to you for finally seeing the truth:guitar: We here at CFS are a great bunch of goof balls:smiley10: dedicated in the Lord. We teach, we learn, we cook...well some of us can :smiley20: we cry, we laugh, we even get our hands slapped for being out of line. We are a loving family:smiley260: we also pray :groupray: together. We want you to pray with us. Our door is wide open and so are our hearts. So feel free and at home my my new sister in Christ!!!:smiley10:

    Chili out.
  10. You're one of the biggest ones ;) and that's why we all love ya!
    glad to see you around, JG27!
  11. Hey Chili ... Speak for yourself LOL .:smiley10: don't include us in your antiks ..... He he ...

    Yup you are one big goof ball . And you keep us all laughing .:smiley160:
  12. AAAHHH Geeeee wilikerrrrrss yall dun made me blush in front of our new sister English :blush::smiley30: Ah well :smiley10: This is how we are sis. ya see I got a response from them heheheheheaahahahahahaha:smiley10: Chili's got em good eh?! God Bless you all

    Chili laffin

  13. My testimony is similar. I didn't come to God out of fear. I came to God because of who Jesus is. I was an agnostic. Hard core. I needed proof. More proof than God would ever allow me to see. He has given us plenty of room to reject him, if we so desire. Jesus spoke in parables so that the Jews would see but not see fully, and hear but not understand. It was that way with me. I would listen, but I could never understand. It was a random and unexpected conversation that changed everything for me. Actually it was one sentence in that conversation. A man told me that he reads the read letters in the Bible, and chooses to follow the man who said those words, because he loves that man. My mind was blown. He chose to be a Christian, because he wanted to be like Jesus. Even if Jesus wasn't real. Well, there is an old saying, "seeing is believing". I tell you this ... Believing is seeing. When I chose to believe that day, God removed the scales from my eyes, and I now have more proof of the reality of God, and the proof of Jesus Christ, than I ever dreamed possible. Anyway ... my point is: knowing Christ changes people. Having a relationship with Him is life everlasting. And I now agree wholeheartedly with my friend, even if he were not real, I would still live my life to be like him.

  14. Hello, Welcome! I am new here too. Look forward to reading your posts. I have watch some testimonies from several ex satinists on youtube and other places. I remember one story of a guy that tithed to the church of satan. And there was christian lady at the bank that took his check and when she sent it back added a little not that said "Jesus Loves You". And that was the start for him and he changed his whole life over to Jesus and now is teaches and speaks.

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