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  1. Hello!

    Hi everyone!
    I'm Emily, and I'm a student at Reading, UK.
    I'm finding it kinda hard at the moment to live out a good Christian lifestyle, as I have very few Christian friends at university. I don't go to church when I'm away from home, and I'm really feeling the lack of Christian fellowship and support. So I joined this forum!
  2. Ah, I go to college as well (University is what you guys call it! :p)
    Your uni name sounds very interesting!!!
    It's important to go to church, but I also understand the stresses of university as well!
    You will find many amazing Christians here! They are so welcoming and soooo loving :)
    I absolutely love this website!

    Anyways, before you continue to post, please check out the following links:




    Hope you choose to stay and fellowship with us!
    God bless!

  3. Welcome to CFS.....Glad you decided to join us. We look forward to fellowship with you.

    Thanks and God bless,

  4. Welcome Emily .
  5. Hi there, welcome, and nice to meet you. Are there churches around campus? When I was in college (uni! now I'm cosmopolitan haha :D) I found there were a lot of ministries that actually met in an auditorium or classroom around campus. Keep your eyes peeled for something like that. God finds us wherever we are, thankfully! How are your courses going?
  6. Welcome Emily. Hope you enjoy our forum. God bless :)
  7. Welcome to CFS Emily
  8. Sadly it's said 'redding' rather than 'reeding'. But still, we get a kick out of it.

    I always go to church at least once a week when I'm at home, and I really miss it when I'm away. I've been to the Christian Union a couple of times, which is like a church service at the uni, which should be a good way of meeting new Christian friends, but I found that as I didn't know anyone there to start with, it was just really awkward. I -am- going to make more of an effort this term...
  9. Welcome Emily. :)
  10. [​IMG]

    So glad to have you here.
  11. Welcome Emily.

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